With many businesses facing uncertainty in the wake of COVID-19, the PUD wants to help. We are reaching out to share some of the important steps we are taking to:

  • Ease the financial burden your business may experience
  • Eliminate billing surprises
  • Ensure your safety and the safety of our employees

Safety is our highest priority. Following the guidance of the Governor’s office, the Snohomish Health District and other leading agencies, we have made the difficult decision to restrict or pause the work of many field employees. Although we continue to provide and support critical power and water services, we have paused sending employees to individual homes and businesses to read electric and water meters. This is for our field employees’ safety, and the safety of customers with whom they may interact.

This change also means all customers will temporarily receive estimated bills. Our process of estimating usage has significantly improved in recent years. However, it still presumes your pattern of usage will be similar over time. If your business has recently limited its operations, your next bill will likely reflect your typical usage for this time of year.

We understand the challenge this may present, and we are committed to helping customers find solutions. If you believe your next bill is in error, the PUD is ready to help.

Call our dedicated Business Service line at (425) 783-1012. Our Business Service Representatives are prepared with options that may include financial support.

Email a clear photo of your meter to meterreadingphoto@snopud.com. The photo will be used to generate an accurate bill. Please be sure to capture the whole meter, including the the digital screen or dial face and the meter number, as demonstrated below:

Please note: If your meter displays more than one reading, be sure to take a picture of all readings.

The PUD recently launched a Community Support Plan to provide bill credits to businesses impacted by COVID-19. Our Business Service Representatives are ready to help you in this process. Late fees and disconnections are also paused.

As a community-owned organization, we stand with you – our friends and neighbors. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to provide you with our very best in a challenging and unpredictable time

In solidarity,
Your PUD Business Services Team
(425) 783-1012

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