The mattress supplier Sleep Number held their grand opening of a new Lakewood store on Dec. 15.

The new store is at 2631 172nd St. NE Suite 101, Marysville, located next to many new businesses in the area including Dick's Sporting Goods.

John Kersch, Sleep Number district manager for the state of Washington, said that the company specializes in selling just one brand, which they develop and manufacture mostly themselves as well.

"We have a very specialized, customized product that fits customer's needs and we can continue to enhance their overall bedding platform," said Kersch.

The adjustable air beds provide customers with a variety of ways to improve their sleep, said Kersch.

The firmness can be balanced to the preferences of the user and can be different on each side of the bed.

"Our technology allows our customer to have adjustability on one side of the bed that can be almost dynamically opposite of the other partner," said Kersch.

The firmness of the bed can be changed over the years as well, as a person's needs and wants shifts.

"Over a lifetime there can be, and usually are, a lot of changes to the human condition and they'll need to be able to adjust that bed and they are able to do that," said Kersch.

Other aspects of the bed can be customized to a person's preference.

"There is even temperature balancing that allows a customer to sleep hot or cold," said Kersch.

The business also sells pillows and other bedding items in a variety of firmness and types.

Touchscreens at the business allow a customer to plan their bed and see what it will look like. A "pillow planner" allows you to input your pillow preferences and see what pillows available match that type.

Another touchscreen planner allows you to design the patterns and colors of your bed, sheets and pillows and see how they will fit together when they are combined.

A bed at the new Sleep Number location can measure the pressure points of a person at the store. Users can lie in the bed to see in real time where their biggest pressure point is and the best ways to reduce that pressure.

A "Sleep IQ" monitor is also available for those who want to track their sleep further, and measures heart rate, breathing rate and motion at night.

"It allows the customer to physically track their sleep, and as the system learns about them it feeds them data and they're able to get tips on how to get a better [sleep] score and sleep better," said Kersch.

There are no plugs or monitors to set up with the system though. "The mattress becomes a giant sensor for both parties sleeping on it," he said.

The Sleep Number store is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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