Nichole Noggle, left, Sky PowerWash owner Justin Noggle, center, and  president of the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce Ivonne Sepulveda cut the ribbon to Sky PowerWash’s Marysville location on May 20.


Local business Sky PowerWash opened their first official office location in Marysville with a ribbon cutting on May 20.

The power washing business cleans roofs, siding, gutters and windows.

“We provide exterior cleaning services, and that is mostly residential with some commercial,” said owner Justin Noggle.

They also provide a holiday service to install Christmas lights.

The business serves residences from Mountlake Terrace to the Mount Vernon area, including most of Snohomish County.

“This business was run out of my home for six and a half years,” said Noggle, who added he was glad to be able to open their Marysville location after enough growth has come to the business.

“It’s amazing. It’s been a struggle with everybody that has been coming to our house everyday,” he said.

Sky PowerWash has a small local group of employees who will also benefit from having a physical location.

“It’s great for my employees because they have a place where they can be and feel comfortable now.”

The business tries to have people available to answer their phones when open, said Noggle, because power washing is something that may be needed quickly.

“The feedback I’ve heard is that people like the timeliness. We scale to meet the demand and try to not book out too far as it’s kind of a time-sensitive service that we provide,” he said.

Noggle got into the business a while ago. He used to be a commercial fisherman and did that until he was 30, he said.

“I quit that about five years ago when my daughter was born. Before, in the off-season, I had done pressure washing with my father-in-law,” he said.

During those winters he said he gained a lot of experience in pressure washing.

“He was ready to retire so I bought his pressure washer from him. I never intended to start this business but I just saw there was a lot of demand, so that’s what I’ve done for the last few years,” said Noggle.

He said he thought this would be an off-season endeavor but has seen the need for a local power washing company in the community and tries to fill that need now.

Those who want to learn more about their services can call 425-598-0088.

More information about the business is also available at their website at

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