Silver Scoop

The ribbon is cut for the grand opening of the Silver Scoop in downtown Arlington on March 22. From left, co-owner Marcelino Acero, Arlington Mayor Barbara Tolbert, co-owner Aide Acero and her husband Cesar Acero, and executive director of the Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce Mandy Krueger.


Community members in downtown Arlington now have a new restaurant to stop by for ice cream, coffee or pastries as the Silver Scoop opened on March 22.

The business is located at 140 S. Olympic Ave., Suite 107, in the new complex across the street from the Arlington Co-Op Supply.

They serve a variety of food items including pastries, coffee, cold drinks and ice cream.

“We’re going to serve the ice cream like a sundae, in a cone or in a cup, however they want it,” said Aide Acero, co-owner of the new business. “I think the people will like it because they can come with the whole family and enjoy it, relax in here."

Co-owner Marcelino Acero said he hopes the restaurant will become a family place.

“We have the ice cream for the kids and the coffee for the adults, so there’s something for everyone,” he said.

The restaurant will also have some more substantial food items for those who want a small meal, as well.

Marcelino Acero and Aide Acero have been in the restaurant business for a while and have experience working with the Playa Bonita restaurants in Arlington, Marysville and Granite Falls.

“We like the family style of business,” said Marcelino Acero. “We enjoy the families when they come with kids and that’s very important for us."

Aide Acero said she hopes people will like another restaurant that is family run and not a chain in the downtown area.

The two co-owners have been working on their idea for a new downtown restaurant for a while now.

“Last year we started thinking about opening an ice cream shop, although later we were thinking that because summer is so short we decided to open a coffee shop as well,” said Aide Acero.

They said they have been confident in their business.

“You know the first day is a little bit of running back and forth because you don’t know where everything is, but I think we’ll be very comfortable with it,” said Marcelino Acero.

As Snohomish County continues to recover from the latest wave of the coronavirus pandemic Marcelino Acero said the restaurant is taking the standard precautions to keep customers and staff safe.

“Everybody has to wear the masks and they keep a distance between everyone. We try to be safe before anything and follow the recommendations from the [Washington state] Health Department,” he said.


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