Those looking for professionals to haul junk away from their property have a new option with the recently started S&J Junk Hauling.

The business was started by Marysville couple Steven Wheeler and Juliann Rutt.

They are licensed, bonded and insured, and can haul junk away from residential and commercial properties.

Wheeler said that many people are happy to get junk out of their yard.

"We get their yard cleaned up and have more room to store the good stuff that they have," he said.

"A lot of people are so relieved to see the stuff taken away that needs to be taken away," he said.

There are numerous items they can remove including construction debris, refrigerators, mattresses, electronics, trash, oil-based paint, furniture, appliances and more.

The business is also available for clean outs of estates, garages, attics, offices, foreclosures, yards and storage units.

Rutt said that it's helpful to many people who don't have the ability to move large junk.

"A lot of people don't have vehicles to take things away, like a truck or a trailer," she said.

Wheeler said that the business also tries to be as environmentally friendly as they can.

"We recycle and donate as much as we can, to try and keep what we can out of the landfill," he said.

Although located in Marysville, Wheeler said they will serve any areas from north King County to Skagit County.

Because the business is small and local, Rutt said they are able to communicate quickly and easily with customers.

"We usually book pretty quick. That's something that people usually like," she said. "We don't have to schedule out too far," she said.

Usually they will get to customer's junk the same day or the next, she said.

Customers usually like the quick turnaround, said Wheeler.

"They think it's easy because it's just one call and we'll be there the same day or the next day," he said.

The business is open until 7 p.m., but they sometimes will stay later if someone needs to be fit in, said Rutt.

The Marysville couple started the junk hauling business together.

"We enjoy working together and being together, so we figured this was a good business to start and it's turned out really well," said Wheeler.

"We just want to help the community out. We like to work with people and getting out," said Rutt.

"I like that it's really busy and we meet a lot of nice people," she said.

For more information call S&J Junk Hauling at 425-422-9042 or 425-923-8178, or e-mail A Facebook page is also under "S&J Junk Hauling" is also available for more information.


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