The 3rd Street Marketplace, a community gathering place for artists and other creatives to sell their items, opened this May in downtown Marysville.

The new business is taking up residence in the building of the former Carr's Hardware, a longtime staple of the downtown community.

The marketplace is located at 1514 3rd Street, Marysville.

They sell a variety of "upcycled" furniture, decor, accessories, bags and jewelry. "Upcycling" is the process of transforming unwanted material and products into decorating or more pleasing pieces.

There are about 40 local artists from the Marysville and Everett area currently involved in the marketplace, said Marissa Cornish, co-owner of the 3rd Street Marketplace.

That includes photographers, watercolor artists, acrylic artists, mixed media and upcyclers.

The marketplace also holds many workshops and classes, including a free program meant for kids once a month, vendor shows, space for rental and "sip and paint" classes.

Those classes include "mother-daughter programs, father-son programs, mixed media and woodworking," said Cornish.

Event information is available on their Facebook page at

There is also a lending library available at the marketplace.

Cornish hopes that the marketplace can be a gathering place for the community.

She began the business with Kim Reynolds, manager of the Living Room Coffeehouse on 4th Street in Marysville, as both of them had a desire to start a business.

"We had just moved up here from California in December, so it was weird because she was here dreaming and I was here dreaming and it just sort of collided," said Cornish.

They came across Carr's Hardware and thought it would be a good space to start that business. The former owners of Carr's have been very helpful, said Cornish.

"Were going to keep the integrity of the building," she said. "We weren't going to come in and gut it out with the original floors and hardware bins, or get rid of the charm of it," she said.

The 3rd Street Marketplace officially opened on May 3.

"The public has been supportive. They're very curious because there's a lot of history in this building," said Cornish.

"It's really neat when you can get a bunch of creatives together," she said.

Cornish was a business owner in California as well before moving to Washington, and hopes to bring that experience to create a place for artists and those looking for unique items for their home.

"I want to create an experience, not just a place to shop," she said.

Cornish hopes that the marketplace can become a part of the community.

"We're really grateful that we have this opportunity in downtown Marysville as it is growing," she said.

More information is available at their Facebook page at


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