Employees and officials from Arlington’s Rain City Fitness cut the ribbon during their Sept. 21 grand opening. From left, trainer Charlotte Rutter, owner Jessica Johnston and trainers Tracy Jacobsen, Sarah Rogers and Amy Rocha.


Arlington’s Rain City Fitness held their grand opening on Sept. 21 and invited clients and community members into the gym.

The gym is located at 20308 77th Ave. NE #E, Arlington.

Owner Jessica Johnston took clients as a private trainer at a Smokey Point location prior to opening in her current Arlington location this summer.

“We offer group fitness, which is the reason for our expansion,” she said.

The gym now offers 23 classes a week, “ranging from yoga to booty bar to circuit strength,” said Johnston.

Many of their clientele are women who enjoy fitness as a group activity, she said.

“It is also to provide more affordable options and get more involved in the community,” said Johnston.

The gym still offers private training as well.

Trainers at the gym are all women and Johnston said she tries to make Rain City Fitness have a welcoming atmosphere.

“We’re real women with real lives,” she said.

If someone is unsure of how to use the equipment, Johnston said they make sure to work with clients. “We train our clients on what to do and how to do it properly,” she said.

They also try and make sure to give clients a proper amount of work.

“We work you hard, but at your current fitness level,” said Johnston.

“Our goal is to always take a client at their current fitness level and bring it to the next one,” she said.

The gym also has two certified health coaches and a nutritional therapist.

“A lot of people think they can just work out and they’ll lose weight, and nutrition is one of the key parts of the puzzle that a lot of people miss,” said Johnston.

“We don’t do diets or quick fixes, we’re very much about teaching lifestyle nutrition,” she said.

So far Johnston said that “this is the best job that I never thought I would have.”

Five years ago she said she decided to become a stay-at-home mom and took up gym exercise as a way to pass the time.

She applied for the Seattle Seagals “and in the process of being trained, fell in love with training.”

Johnston said she was never really passionate about it before. “I didn’t grow up with a health mindset,” she said.

“The more I surrounded myself with these amazing people, the better it became,” she said.

That eventually led to the opening of her Rain City Fitness gym in Arlington.

She hopes to build a healthier community.

“We want to get involved in the community. I have a great partnership with the Arlington School District with nutrition and we want to spread that everywhere to make a more healthy community,” she said.

The local gym is open from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., along with various other times that classes are happening.

More information about the gym is available at www.myraincityfitness.com.

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