Marysville's newest Primerica branch held it's ribbon cutting on March 3.

The Primerica office at 1029 Cedar Ave. in Marysville opened recently.

The national company is the largest independent financial services marketing organization in the U.S.

"We deal with all the problems that Americans are facing in finances - not having enough money, proper financial protection and showing people how to get out of debt quite a bit earlier than they normally would," said Wendy Lucas, regional vice president.

The office mainly deals with asset management and debt management, said Lucas.

In the months they've been open so far, many local families have received help, said Christine Pfiester, who is running the local branch.

"People are excited by how we can help them and help them improve their personal situations with their finances," she said.

Lucas said the company likes the help families and build relationships long term.

"We take Wall Street to Main Street. We're able to deal with a lot of middle American families that may have been abandoned and work with everybody," she said.

She also said they approach each family differently according to their unique situation.

"We do a financial needs analysis, so its based on the needs of every family. It's not a cookie cutter approach," said Lucas.

Premerica is able to partner with many other organizations as well, providing a wide variety of options, said Lucas.

"That allows us to provide a lot of different solutions for families," she said.

The Marysville branch is open "normal business hours," although Pfiester notes that their hours are very flexible.

"It's very flexible. A lot of times we meet people at their home," she said.

Lucas said she likes how everyone works together at the Marysville branch.

"Everyone works well together in this office. They've worked together in the past for the most part, so it's fun to see how they've gelled," she said.

A lot of the current employees at the local branch come from a customer service banking background, she said, but now like the ability to help out on a more personal level at Primerica.

Pfiester said she hopes that they can expand more in the future to help more people in the area.

Despite being a national company, Lucas said that they have a small presence in Washington state and the region could host many more branches in the future.

Those interested in the local branch can call them at 360-386-8785 or go to their office at 1029 Cedar Ave., Marysville.


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