Owner Ethan Olsen, left, and shop manager Dana Swanson at NWD Off-Road and Performance, a new Marysville mechanic shop, on Feb. 4.


Marysville will now have a mechanic shop that specializes in off-road vehicles with the new NWD Off-Road and Performance.

The shop is at 1036 Cedar Ave., Marysville. They can be contacted at 360-659-8033.

Owner Ethan Olsen has purchased already established mechanic shop Stryker Brothers Automotive, whose owners were planning to retire.

Olsen plans to continue the same services offered at that shop, but implement new specialties as well.

“We’ll pick up where Stryker Bros. left off with general repair, but what we’re offering as well is something this area really doesn’t have, which is an off-road specialty shop with a lot of parts in stock for a lot of people,” said Olsen. “We had the opportunity to take over an existing, already good business, and morph it into something more."

Olsen and shop manager Dana Swanson have a long history working in the mechanic industry locally.

“We’re going to specialize in performance and off-road. We both have lots of experience in both,” said Swanson.

NWD Off-Road and Performance will also be a shop that locals can stop by to purchase products.

“Everything being online now it’s hard to find a place you can go in and physically see what you’re buying,” said Olsen.

Olsen also owns NW Diesel, another mechanic shop in Marysville, however he was looking to expand and work with Swanson on a new venture.

“We got together and saw an opportunity,” said Olsen.

The new shop opened Feb. 1.

“Our first day was Monday and we were busier than most shops are after the first year,” said Swanson, who said they have retained many of the same clientele as Stryker Brothers and look to continue those relationships.

“People really trusted them and they did good work,” he said.

They hope to continue that work with their mechanics and work, and are bringing in new equipment for the shop.

“We pride ourselves on having the best equipment,” said Olsen, who added that one item they are bringing in is a brand new alignment rack. “We’ll have the most state-of-the-art alignment rack you can buy,."

The racks help mechanics fix a car’s alignment, which can be more difficult for off-road vehicles.

“When it comes to the off-road side of things you end up with very custom alignments,” so it helps to have a good alignment rack, he said.

In the future Olsen hopes to invite the community to see the new shop.

“As COVID goes away we want to hold a big barbecue and invite everyone down, but obviously right now we can’t,” he said.

He also hopes the shop can be a part of the community like Stryker Brothers was.

“I imagine we’ll be sponsoring some events,” he said.


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