After three years of serving as president of the Downtown Arlington Business Association, Mike Britt will be stepping down and a new leader is coming in for the downtown organization.

Local Jeff Phebus is the current president-elect for the 2017 year and was confirmed during the Downtown Arlington Business Association's (DABA) Dec. 7 meeting.

He doesn't expect much to change from what has been done in the past though.

"My objective going forward is to mirror what Mike has done," Phebus said.

"There will be a few changes, but they are very minute because there's nothing major in our process that needs to be fixed," he said.

Phebus wanted to thank Britt for his contributions for the last few years.

"Mike Britt has gone above and beyond. He took an extra term, there was some turmoil in the board, and he didn't have to, he's got a family and a business to run," Phebus said.

Britt said he was most proud of the growth that the organization has undergone under his time as president.

"If you're not growing, you're dying," he said.

When he began, the organization only had around 10 official members, but that number is closer to 100 now.

"That's a huge accomplishment for any organization," he said.

They've also worked on partnerships and collaborations during that time.

"Developing that working relationship with the city is important," said Britt.

DABA, which runs the Show & Shine Car Show, the Arlington Street Fair, the Arlington Viking Fest and contributes to many other downtown events, needs to work with the city to ensure their events' success, said Britt.

"It's an enormous amount of work to put on one of these events," he said.

He was also happy that the organization is now planning ahead more often.

Britt said when he started he only had a couple of months to plan for events.

"The street fair people were literally at the Street Fair preparing for next year's fair," he said.

Britt said a lot of the same leadership will remain with the organization.

"You have continuity with this board, moving into 2017," which will help DABA get a lot more done, he said.

Britt plans to stay involved in DABA and become more involved in Arlington Rotary.

"I became Arlington Rotary's membership director, so this will take a little off my plate so I can focus on that role," he said.

He also hopes to spend more time with family now.

Many DABA members were also recognized at the meeting for their work over the past couple of years.

Mark Everett, owner of Arlington Velo Sport, and Rich Senff, owner of Action Sports, were recognized for their help with the America's Best Communities competition.

"Look at where we are, we're top 8 in the nation, and DABA is right up there as an important stakeholder," said Britt.

Those who have helped the leadership team for DABA, like Cristy Brubaker and Jeff Phebus, were also recognized.

Finally, those who helped lead DABA events like the Arlington Street Fair or the Viking Fest were recognized. Those leaders included Youth Dynamics Arlington director Jessica Ronhar, Country Rose owner Kathleen Shalan, A-Z Transmissions owner Bill Dietrich and independent business consultant Dana Fowler.


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