Jim DeFreece, left, and Rich Williams are the new owners of Clear Image Photography in Marysville.


Two photographers are focusing on customer service as they take over ownership of a longtime Marysville photography studio. 

Rich Williams and Jim DeFreece became the new owners of Clear Image Photography which is located oat 1331 Stave Ave. State Avenue across the street from Value Village. They took over ownership of the Marysville business Jan. 1. 

"We decided it would be a good time to step in and go for it,"  DeFreece said. 

Clear Image, which had previously been open by appointment only, will be open during the week from 9 a.m. to  5 p.m. They will also accept appointments. 

"The biggest changes people are going to see are responsiveness and customer service," Williams said. 

Because Williams and DeFreece are the primary photographers, DeFreece said clients will not only have access to photographers, but also the owners as well. "There's more accountability." 

Both had worked for Clear Image for years on a part-time basis. Clear Image had been known for its photography of youth sports teams in the area and a variety of other photography-related services.

With Williams and DeFreece owning Clear Image, they will focus mainly on photography, either through people visiting their studio or on location in the community. 

In addition to the owners, Clear Image will employ three full-time employees.

Williams and DeFreece are both licensed drone pilots so they are also offering drone photography. 

They both started photography in high school and have continued through their careers. "I often joke that I photograph nouns — people, places and things," Williams said. 

While they are available for family photos, senior photos, weddings and special events, they will continue Clear Image's focus on sports and continue photographing teams. 

Williams said the business will introduce a "follow your athlete" concept. Parents will hire Clear Image to follow their children through a sports season "to get images you can't get from a cell phone."

"Every parent wants that magazine cover photograph of their kid," Williams said. 

Williams is busy developing a website, but that Internet presence,, is will being developed. 

For more information, call 425-492-4145.

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