Local Andy Smith opened a new Edward Jones financial advising office in Marysville this December.

The office, at 4229 76th St. NE, Suite 102, Marysville, held their grand opening on Dec. 6.

Smith, who is the financial advisor at the office, said that Edward Jones helps people manage their money for the future.

"We partner with our clients to help them achieve their different long-term goals, like sending kids to college, retirement planning, living in retirement and making sure they don't outlive their money," said Smith.

The company helps to work with each person's situation and build for the future, he said.

"Just helping to put tailored solutions in place for each individual," said Smith.

"Money's an unknown for a lot of people, so we can help them understand that money is a tool to help them get the things they want and need," he said.

Smith grew up in Arlington and his family lives in Arlington, but he currently lives in Marysville.

"So, I get to connect with my clients who live here as well," he said.

The ability to be local is important to Smith, he said.

"Instead of being distant or down in a big city, up in a high-rise, I'm right here up close. That's helpful to know clients on a personal level," he said.

Smith graduated from Western Washington University and moved to San Diego for a year so his wife could finish nursing school.

Soon after that the two moved back up to the Pacific Northwest, where Smith worked for a local Edward Jones office for a couple of years before opening his new current office.

He said he has enjoyed working with community members to help them with their finances.

"I love working with individuals and families and really getting to know them," he said. "I get to see people of all different walks I'd never connect with otherwise."

With finances there can be a lot of challenges, but Smith said he likes working through them.

"I love helping people through exciting times and tough times, and getting to build a relationship with them," he said.

Smith also likes working for Edward Jones because it is a partnership, not a publicly traded company, he said.

"That allows us to put our clients first in everything we do," he said.

Now Smith has his own office in Marysville.

"I love that I get to open this up and help my clients from a spot that's ours," he said.

"We want to make this office our own. We're not going anywhere. We're in it for the long haul," he said.

He hopes to be involved in the community as well.

"I look forward to being in Marysville and just growing a business and being a part of the community," he said.

For more information on the new Edward Jones office call 360-548-3690.


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