The Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce will have a new online marketplace of local businesses which is slated to premiere on Feb. 22.

The marketplace at will allow customers to see products from a variety of local businesses at one place.

All local businesses are welcome to apply for the website, not just chamber members, as the project has been paid for by a grant from the city of Marysville and a Snohomish County grant that came from funds from the federal coronavirus relief bill passed in March.

“Since the beginning of the shutdown this has been our focus. We want to figure out how we can get those smaller businesses online so they are not missing out on all the online sales going on right now,” said Jesica Stickles, president/CEO of the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce.

She hopes the new website makes it simple for locals to browse through small businesses in Marysville and Tulalip.

“We’re making it so the customer has an easier time finding what they want to locally,” she said.

The chamber plans to create gift guides for various holidays as well.

“It’s user friendly for us to host and for all for all of the businesses to post their products as well,” said Stickles.

The chamber has begun outreach to get local businesses on board with the project and has about 20 right now.

“Our goal is to have 100 businesses signed up before the end of the year,” said Stickles. “We are contacting local businesses and letting them know they can offer to sell their products online."

The website doesn’t process purchases, but can direct customers to the business’ site where people can purchase the products.

“We have a couple of different options for those without an online presence,” said Stickles, including working through gift cards or working with the chamber’s experts who will help local businesses set up an online presence.

“And that is really what our expert will recommend because some kind of online presence is needed in this day and age,” she said.

Those experts will also be able to help local businesses through the process and with other aspects, such as photography and how to do lighting and a nice backdrop for your items.

To sign up for the program or for more information about the chamber, go to

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