Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce's President/CEO Jesica Stickles talked about upcoming plans and events for the local chamber at her 2018 State of the Chamber.

Stickles gave her address at the Jan. 26 meeting of the chamber.

Along with their business and networking-focused events, the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce plans to return with their carnival, Beer and Cider Fest and Christmas Auction again this year.

Their summer carnival is scheduled for early June this year.

It takes place in Tulalip on the 6.5 acres between Cabela's and Home Depot.

"This year we're going to be adding more vendors. There will be barbecue and fry bread and face painting," said Stickles.

In addition, live music is scheduled for the event. "You'll be able to sit down and listen to the bands while your kids ride the rides," said Stickles.

This will be the second year for the chamber's Beer and Cider Fest.

The festival happens on Sept. 8 with two time slots this year, from noon to 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

There will be "live entertainment, food and approximately 15 breweries and cider houses for you to sample from," said Stickles.

The $35 cost covers dinner and drinks at the event.

The Christmas Auction in the first week of December also helps fund the chamber's efforts.

"Last year we were very blessed and exceed our fundraising goal," said Stickles.

Stickles said she "loved the energy" this year that was added because of a dance-off event that was part of the auction.

Last September the chamber also held their first small business summit.

"Because of the great feedback we had, we will be holding another small business summit this year," said Stickles.

Last year speakers were available who were "offering advice, written materials or services to small business owners," said Stickles.

The chamber also hoped to support local businesses with their Small Business Saturday program.

Last year that included giving out 200 bags, doormats, pens and balloons in support of the day.

A new program was added where participants could get passports and get stamped at all the businesses able to be visited. Completed passports could be entered into a prize.

"Every year this program grows and we're able to help more businesses celebrate the day," said Stickles.

The chamber's Business Before Hours, which typically covers local government and community updates along with chamber networking, will also continue this year.

"Our attendance has gone up around 50 percent over the last year," said Stickles.

In addition to those meetings, the chamber plans to start quarterly luncheons.

"We've been asked by a number of the smaller businesses, that can't be here because they have to open their shop early, if we could have some networking or an event that is at lunchtime," said Stickles.

Those lunches are scheduled to happen on Tuesdays at the Downtown Marysville Opera House from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

"It will be different speakers than what we have in the morning, so those that attend both will not be doubling up on information," said Stickles.

The first speaker lined up will talk about the Snohomish Health District.

Stickles said that the chamber's website this year will also partner with the city of Marysville to feature an expanded calendar.

"That way, when you're booking your next event you can verify you won't be double-booking your guests," said Stickles.

"We've found over the past couple of years that this community is so involved with so many different events that we find they are starting to get scheduled on the same date," she said.

The Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce itself is still growing, said Stickles.

Currently they are at 219 members.

"That is a 12 percent increase over the past year. We've seen a steady increase over the last three years," she said.

Those members come from mostly Marysville and Tulalip, but stretch to other parts of the county as well.

"There's a typical assumption that we only serve businesses in the Marysville/Tulalip area, but we have a much larger reach with 30 percent of our members being from outside of Marysville and Tulalip," said Stickles.

More information about the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce is available at their website at


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