Kuhnle’s Tavern co-owners Gloria Phillips, left, and Tanya Buttke, right, along with past owner JoAnn Kuhnle, center, at the 100th anniversary celebration of the downtown Marysville bar on Aug. 25.


Marysville locals have been going downtown to Kuhnle’s Tavern for 100 years now and the bar celebrated it’s centennial anniversary last weekend.

Owners invited the public to stop by the bar for live music and a celebration on Aug. 25.

“It’s been crazy so far,” said Tanya Buttke, co-owner of the bar, as regulars and other guests filled the bar during the celebration.

In 1918 Marysville Pioneer Edward Kuhnle would establish the bar and eventually pass it down to his son, Kay Kuhnle.

Kay Kuhnle passed in 2006 and his wife JoAnn Kuhnle took over the bar until 2011. Two long-time employees, Tanya Buttke and Gloria Phillips, took ownership after that and still currently run the bar together.

While many parts of the bar have changed over the years, their bar back is an antique Brunswick that was built in the late 1800s.

“I like the back bar, it’s ornate and I understand that it was built by hand,” said Gerry Hansen, a regular who has been coming to the bar for around 20 years.

“It’s so cool because it’s so historical and it’s also like home,” said Buttke.

Many of the bar’s regulars said that they enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere.

“The hometown feel and the camaraderie with all the good people that come in. We’ve got a great crowd,” said Hansen.

“I came in here when I was 3 years old and I never left,” said Scott Norris, a nephew of JoAnn Kuhnle and a regular at the bar. 

“It’s a good family kind of environment. Everybody knows everybody,” he said.

Buttke said that it is a very comfortable type of bar.

“People come in here everyday and sometimes they don’t stay that long, but they like to see the people that they see everyday,” she said.

Her favorite part of running the bar has been the people.

“The family that we’ve had. I’ve been treated like family ever since I’ve came here in 1989.” she said.

JoAnn Kuhnle has been involved in running the bar since she was 21, and said that they tried to treat the staff and customers like family.

“Our people is the reason people liked us,” she said. “We tried to treat them like family. Our people loved us and we loved them right back.”

Regulars have fond memories of Kay Kuhnle and welcomed JoAnn back for the anniversary celebration.

“People liked JoAnn’s personality, her good looks, definitely, and the fact that she would tolerate people like me,” Norris joked.

“When Mr. Kay was alive I couldn’t walk in the place without him standing up and greeting me. Him and JoAnn have both been at my home and he was a gracious man and she is a loving person,” said Hansen.

Norris said he hopes that Kuhnle’s is able to stick around.

“You don’t find bars like that around anymore … this is like one of the real taverns left around and people do appreciate that kind of environment,” he said.

Buttke wanted to thank the community for their support.

“Thanks for coming to Kuhnle’s for a hundred years, we appreciate it,” she said.

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