Arlington Mayor Barbara Tolbert, left, and founder/owner of The Koop Workspace Kerry McGhie cut the ribbon to the new business on Nov. 11.


Arlington business The Koop Workspace will provide a new location for small business owners to have an office space.

The business has been open since the beginning of October and held its ribbon cutting on Nov. 11.

They are located in downtown Arlington at 104 S. Olympic Ave. #106, Arlington.

“We’re a co-working space,” said Kerry McGhie, owner/founder of The Koop Workspace.

That includes both private office spaces and open-seating offices.

“We also have part-time memberships for people that need a working space eight times a month,” said McGhie.

The spaces are meant to help entrepreneurs, new business start-ups and those that are currently working from home.

McGhie said the business has been going well so far and they have been able to attract a number of members.

Many professionals have gotten used to working remotely during the pandemic but still want to have some sort of work space, she said.

“They like the community. They like to be able to be around people,” said McGhie.

“They’re ready to get back out and be among people,” she added.

With remote working becoming more common she expects shared office spaces to become more common as well.

The community of business owners is also able to help each other at times.

“The connections with being able to talk to other business owners,” said McGhie.

One member has already been helped by more experienced business owners.

“She has a small business but didn’t know how to get it going, and since she’s been here she’s been able to talk with the other business owners,” she said. “It’s lifting each other and being able to help each other out. '

The Koop Workspace also offers mail services to receive deliveries.

“For someone that has a home business but doesn’t want their business mail coming to their home, we have lockers for that,” said McGhie.

McGhie has been selling real estate since 2012 and formulated the idea of a shared workspace during that time.

“Why is everybody fighting and struggling so hard to have their own spaces,” she said.

She began formulating her plans around 2016 and was able to begin them last year.

“In 2020 I met with the owner of this building and told him my vision and he said to do it,” said McGhie.

She hopes to expand the business and franchise it if it is successful.

“I’m ecstatic and there’s more to come,” said McGhie.

More information about the new Arlington workspaces is available at thekoopworkspace.com.

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