Well-known sandwich shop Jimmy John's opened their new Marysville location this month.

The new store at 412 State Avenue in Marysville held its grand opening on Sept. 13.

"I think our quality, simplicity and speed make us unique," said Kent Perillo, owner of the new Marysville location, as well as two other locations in Smokey Point and Snohomish.

Perillo said that Jimmy John's is a sub shop that mainly focuses on its sandwiches.

"We don't do soups or salads. Instead we keep it high quality but simple," he said. "Keep it simple. Do one thing and do it well."

They offer a wide-range of sandwiches that use all natural ingredients, said Perillo. There are no soy-based fillers for the meats and no vegetable oil-based cheeses, he said.

The store also shreds their own lettuce every day, and bakes their French bread every four hours.

A nine-grain wheat bread is also available as an alternative to the French bread.

"I think people like our simple but tasty sandwiches," he said. "I grew up eating at the very first and only Jimmy John's over 20 years ago and it still doesn't get old,"

For those who want a no gluten meal, the store saves the outside of the lettuce it shreds and is able to make a sandwich in it. "We call it the 'Unwich,'" said Perillo.

The store has some snack options available to go with their sandwiches.

"We also have Jimmy's own kettle style chips, delicious oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies with three types of Ghirardelli chocolate in them, and our famous tasty crunchy Kosher jumbo dill pickle," said Perillo.

The store is also known for its delivery service and quick preparation.

"I think they [customers] like our speed. The average Joe doesn't have time to waste on their lunch. We get them in and out of the restaurant in well under four minutes typically," said Perillo.

Perillo has owned his other locations for a couple of years now and said that he tries to be involved in the towns around them.

"We stay active in the community with schools and churches, and are trying to get better," he said.

He said he was excited to be part of the Marysville downtown now.

"I have had my sights set on this location for about seven years," said Perillo. "I see the potential here for growth and I am extremely grateful to be contributing here," he said.

He also said his stores employ a diverse group of people.

"We employ a lot of men, women, great kids, college students, single parents, and even retirees looking to pick up some hours," he said.

The Marysville store is open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information call 360-322-6905.


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