Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring, center, and the Partida family cut the ribbon to Jay’s Flooring on March 19. The Partida family, from left, Carley, back, and Grace, front, Cesar, back, and Eduardo and Anthony, front.


Jay’s Flooring, a new local flooring business, has opened up in Marysville for those looking to improve their homes.

The business is at 3923 88th St. NE, Unit C, Marysville.

They provide a variety of hardwood and carpet options, as well as waterproof luxury vinyl plank (LVP).

“Most of our floors are in stock, so that means if you need something quick, we can help you,” said owner Cesar Partida. “We can help with the installations as well."

Unlike many other flooring businesses, Partida said they have a lot of their flooring options on hand.

“We have it here. Most flooring stores you usually go in and have to order the floors,” he said. “And that can take a week or two weeks depending on where it is.”

With installation that adds to the time to have the floor completed.

Having all of the floor materials on hand lets customers have more access to what their floors will look like as well, said Partida.

In addition, the business also has a warehouse offsite with more material.

Partida got started in the business as someone who installed flooring.

He said he enjoyed the work because of how he helped to improve other people’s homes.

“When I was installing, I liked to get to a house and see how it looked before, and then when I was done it was a nice satisfaction,” he said.

Jay’s Flooring is a family business and two of Partida’s brothers, who he has worked with before, will continue to help him install floors.

Before he had a storefront Partida gained experience selling flooring in other ways.

“I started selling out of my van and sold to a lot of people across a lot of real estate,” he said.

He ended up getting a lot of referrals and business was good enough that he wanted to expand to an actual storefront.

“For us to get better prices with the big companies like Mohawk, Shaw, TAS, you have to have a showroom. Since we were selling good, we decided to go ahead and open up our own store,” he said.

Partida said he is excited to take this next step.

“It’s a big step for us because we are a family business,” he said.

Jay’s Flooring has been open since February in Marysville.

“It’s going alright. We have some clients out there,” he said. “Slowly, we’re starting to get going.”

The business also has people who are fluent in Spanish.

More information about the business is available at jaysflooringwa.com.

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