The recently opened business of Home and Land Realty, a new real estate office in Arlington at 20308 77th Ave. NE, Suite I, Arlington.


Home and Land Realty, a new independent real estate office run by experienced brokers, is now open in Arlington.

The new office is at 20308 77th Ave. NE, Suite I, Arlington and opened just a couple of weeks ago.

Owner broker Rich Williamson opened the new office after 25 years of selling real estate in Puget Sound, many of those years working directly in Arlington.

In 2008 Williamson served as president of the Snohomish County-Camano Association of Realtors.

His experience is largely in selling residential lots, either new buildings or resells.

"I have succeeded at the other side of doing the business and now I want to bring something special to running my own as well," said Williamson.

He looks forward to leading his office.

"I've always been working under someone's umbrella, so this is new for me," he said.

Williamson also credits his fellow brokers who are coming onto the new office.

"We have a great staff here," he said. "The people in your office, you're not going to be successful without them."

Mikie Moda, a transaction coordinator at the business, comes with 16 years of experience, and will help provide in-house transaction services.

She said brokers at the office have a lot of specialized knowledge for the more rural parts of Snohomish County.

"In the north end [of the county] we have to know so much more because we deal with septic, boundary lines," she said.

"They have to have double the knowledge," she said.

Broker Alexis Valenti also has more than two decades in the field.

"When I started in the business I started in a very specific niche," which was property meant to house horses.

"I was following my passion," she said.

"We have a lot of property that have horses on them in this area," said Williamson.

Williamson said he has experience in land development areas as well.

"I was involved in subdividing most of the plats in Arlington," he said.

Brokers at the new office all come with backgrounds from big real estate companies and said they were excited to start out on their own.

"We're bringing something special here and we're really optimistic and excited," said Williamson.

Throughout the years working in the area Williamson said he most enjoys working with the people here.

"I have the best clients I could ever dream of," he said.

"That's what makes out business go. I give them all the credit of my success," he said.

Williamson has worked all around the area but said he enjoys working in the Arlington community.

"I love Arlington. It is my home and I live about a mile from the office," he said.


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