Hilton & Company owner Mary Kirkland stands in her re-modeled store on Nov. 13. While removing some of the old wall Kirkland found some of the original century old wooden wall underneath and restored a portion of that wall which she is standing in front of.


The downtown Marysville staple is under the same ownership but has sold the pharmacy portion of the business

The former Hilton Pharmacy in downtown Marysville has reopened without the pharmacy and is now Hilton & Company.

The store on the corner of Third Street and State Avenue has been a staple of the downtown for just over a century now.

The new Hilton & Company opened on Nov. 2 after closing for renovations and a full remodel.

"That was kind of a soft opening because we still have a few things to do," said owner Mary Kirkland. "We're excited to be open and back on the street and seeing people we know and love."

The pharmacy department and their records were sold to Rite Aid.

"It was just time for me. I don't have anybody in my family that wants to own a pharmacy," said Kirkland.

She said it is very difficult to run a small, independent pharmacy these days.

"The industry has gotten harder and harder to participate in and still run a pharmacy that allows us to give boundless service. It's just kind of the nature of healthcare," said Kirkland.

The new store continues with its previous selection of gifts and other items.

"We hope that we can still be a place where people will still enjoy shopping for gifts and home decor," said Kirkland.

The remodel helped provide more space to display their items as well.

"Because we have more room we can bring in more selection," said Kirkland.

Wellness items continue to be provided by the store.

"We started that with the pharmacy and we still have specialty vitamins, homeopathics, aromatherapy, and locally produced CBD topicals and Elderberry syrup," said Kirkland.

There is also a clothing boutique section at the store curated by Lorene Wren, former owner of another downtown Marysville business, Wrenhaven Vintage Market.

"Lorene's knack for creating trendy, yet practical and affordable wardrobe collections is one of her many strengths and it is delightfully evident when you see our new clothing boutique," said Kirkland.

The clothing boutique includes new lines such as Karen Kane, Democracy and Angie, she said.

The remodel of the store changed a lot of the store's interior.

"We got down to the bones," said Kirkland. "We did all new drywall, all new flooring."

Most of the pharmacy fixtures have been changed into either showcases or repurposed as a reception desk.

The outside of the building has been repainted and new signage and entry doors are planned to be installed soon.

"All the changes make for a fresh start and we hope a pleasant surprise when customers come back to check out what we've been up to for the last three months," said Kirkland.

As work was being done on the building, Kirkland's contractors discovered a bit of history as well. 

"When we were doing the remodel we had taken all the wallboard off the wall and discovered the old wall underneath," she said.

The original wooden wall from the general store Crain and McCann, the predecessor to Hilton Pharmacy, was still in place.

A portion of that wooden wall has been left exposed and been restored, and Kirkland put up some pictures and information about the history of the downtown there.

Customers are glad to be back in the store.

"People are so supportive welcoming us back," said Kirkland.

"We have lots of visitors and they have been saying 'gosh, we're glad you're still here,'" she said.

Kirkland also enjoys being able to reopen.

"From our side it's good to be open and talking to people again," she said. Customers will see familiar staff at the store as many are returning, said Kirkland.

The store will also provide a holiday open house on Nov. 20 and 21. Kirkland said it was spread out over two days to ensure there are not too many people gathered in the store during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kirkland said she is glad to be able to continue running a Hilton store in downtown Marysville.

"I am so happy to be in business on Third Street and to continue as a family-owned business with its 100-year-old legacy of serving Marysville and the surrounding communities," she said. "We love that we are part of the historic downtown Marysville neighborhood and that we will still be part of all the upcoming events."


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