Glint Car Wash employees and local officials cut the ribbon on the new business on Sept. 17. From left, general manager Marcos Plancarte, Marysville City Council member Stephen Muller, Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring, Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Ivonne Sepulveda, assistant general manager Raj Nehta and co-owner Rune Harkestad.


The new Glint Car Wash opened in central Marysville this summer.

The car wash opened on July 11, but held their grand opening on Sept. 17 as it was the first time the location was completely ready.

The business opened at 3750 116th St. NE, Marysville.

“Today is the first day our vacuum station is open, so from today on it is fully operational,” said Rune Harkestad, one of the partners who own the business.

The business provides both single washes and membership models.

“If someone wants to wash their car as much as they want they can use our monthly memberships,” said Raj Nehta, assistant general manager for the Marysville location.

Those who have a membership can wash their car at the Kent or Marysville locations for Glint Car Wash, or at the future Everett location which is scheduled to begin construction soon.

A license plate reader allows easy access for members as well.

“You just drive up and the gate pops open,” said Harkestad.

The car wash has a 120-foot tunnel, which is longer than average, he said.

“That allows us to fit a lot more equipment in, such as the tire shines,” said Harkestad.

“We have state-of-the-art equipment and the best chemicals you can get,” said Nehta.

The cleaning chemicals used are capable and environmentally safe, he said.

Water is also reclaimed, treated and reused at the facility, reducing the reliance on fresh water.

In addition, he brushes are made with a soft material.

“All of these brushes, the technology is such that dirt does stick to these brushes,” said Harkestad.

A vacuum station also allows customers to vacuum out the inside of their vehicles. They also provide a mat cleaner, which is something that is uncommon for most car washes.

“You drop your car mat in and comes out clean,” said Harkestad.

Harkestad and his partners began developing an area of central Marysville they owned about four years ago.

“We actually started out developing the Sonic [restaurant] location,” he said. “We didn’t really know what to do with this lot at first."

After their car wash was successful in Kent they did some research and thought it could work in Marysville.

“It’s convenient, right off the freeway. It flows well,” said Harkestad. “We’re just excited to be here and excited to complete this whole project."

Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring welcomed the business to the community at the Sept. 17 ribbon cutting.

“Anyone who’s seen the traffic around here knows there’s definitely a market for it and so we’re excited to have you here,” he said.

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