Owner Brian Callahan behind the bar of the Elemental Cider taproom at the business’ new Arlington location which opened on Aug. 16


The hard cider company Elemental Cider and their taproom have moved to Arlington.

The company was originally in Woodinville, but opened their doors for the first day of business in their new location on Aug. 16 at 6015 180th St. NE #101, Arlington.

Their taproom has both indoor and outdoor seating and a selection of alcohol and food.

“We will have cider, beer, wine, soda and pizza,” said Nathan Timke, regional sales manager for Elemental Cider.

“And the menu will expand the longer we are here, but it will start out with pizza,” he said.

The business will be kid-friendly and dog-friendly, said Timke. They plan to add some potential entertainment features like pool tables and bocce balls to the Arlington location as well, he said.

Owner Brian Callahan said he has been making cider for a while now.

“We started in 2012 as a winery, and we did wine and cider and pizza. We ended up getting away from the wine side since then and have just made cider since 2014,” he said.

Their cider is sold and available around the Puget Sound region. They decided to move to Arlington because they needed a bigger space, said Callahan.

“We were in Woodinville, which was a big winery hub, and we just couldn’t find space down there that we liked. It was either too big or too small, so we researched some of the emerging markets and saw that Arlington had some of the biggest growth trends,” he said.

Timke said that the new location will work well for their business.

“We needed more space and Woodinville is pricey,” he said. “We were able to get this great facility and in Woodinville we didn’t have space for the food."

The location is near Skookum Brewery who have a similar tasting room setup less than a block away.

“We’ve partnered with Skookum and had a permanent handle over there for a number of years,” said Callahan.

He said he enjoys being a part of the growing hard cider market.

“Cider is just such an emerging market. It’s not really fully developed yet, but it’s very in-line with beer in terms of the consumer. So it’s been fun to be innovative,” said Callahan.

Timke said that the cider is crisp, clean and tart.

“One of the reasons everything is so clean and clear is the filtration process we use,” he said. “And that also adds to the consistency.”

“Our cider is super approachable. Super clean, super crisp and it’s a little more acidic than most ciders on the markets. The juices punch through really well,” said Callahan.

Timke wanted to thank everyone who stopped by for the grand opening day on Aug. 16.

“The Arlington community has been very welcoming,” he said.

The current schedule for the taproom is from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday, and from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday.

More information about the local business is available at elementalhardcider.com.

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