Owner of Eagle Family Dental Bryce Duskin, center with scissors, and dentists and members of the Duskin family gather to cut the ribbon to the office’s new location on May 17. From left, dentist Arezoo Holdaway, Kay Duskin, Dave Duskin, Heidi Duskin, Bryce Duskin, dentist Gavin McNelis, Emily Duskin, Blake Duskin and Eric Duskin.


Longtime Arlington dentistry Eagle Family Dental held a ribbon cutting for their new location on May 17.

The new facility for the dentistry is located at 20302 77th Ave NE, Arlington, and it has been open for about two months.

“We were just out of room at the other building because of patient demand,” said Dr. Bryce Duskin, owner of Eagle Family Dental.

The new building is about 6,000 square feet.

“We took an existing building, which was an EMT building, and we expanded it,” he said.

For Duskin, the new location also connects with his own family history.

“My great-grandpa owned a dairy farm right here, so this new building is actually located where that dairy farm used to be,” he said.

The dentistry, which was formerly Third Street Dental, has served the city for many decades.

Duskin took over the business in 2010 and said has seen it grow in size as Arlington continues to see population growth.

“Since I got here we’ve almost doubled our staff, going from 10 to 20 people,” said Duskin.

Duskin expects patient demand to continue to grow over the next few years and said he is excited to continue to serve new patients as they come into the area.

The new facility gives the staff and patients a lot more room to work.

“It’s really nice. I like having all the parking and having more space,” said Duskin.

The building also comes with some upgrades to the equipment and rooms that the dentists use.

“It’s really technologically advanced. The laboratories are self-cleaning and the equipment has evolved over the years to help improve patient safety,” said Duskin.

Eagle Family Dental provides basic dentistry services to patients.

“We are general dentists, so we provide all services of general dentistry,” said Duskin. That can include implants, root canals, extractions, filings and crowns.

“We’re proud that we can do same-day crowns and I think that is a good service for our community,” said Duskin.

He said he has enjoyed being a dentist in the community.

“I just like the combination of science and art and I like to get to know a lot of people from town, that’s really what it’s all about,” he said.

More information about the local dentistry is available at eaglefamilydental.com.

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