E&E Lumber has long been a fixture in Marysville for those with lawn, garden, home or construction needs and they celebrated their 50th anniversary last weekend on Aug. 6.

Brent Emory, whose family has owned the business for 50 years, said he is surprised at how much the business has grown.

"Back then, I never really thought it would grow to be as big as it is today," he said.

In addition to the Marysville store, the business was able to open an additional location in Sedro-Woolley which Emory said is still going strong after more than 40 years.

Emory grew up in Marysville and he said he remembers when State Avenue was a dirt road.

"That's the biggest change for me, that everything has progressed so much and continues to grow," he said.

E&E Lumber was one of the first businesses to stake out their claim, he said.

"When E&E Lumber started there wasn't this big strip mall next door, it was just blackberry bushes," he said. "We were really the first ones down in this area."

On Aug. 6 the business celebrated their 50th anniversary with a barbecue, door prizes and giveaways, and a large sale.

"We had a great turnout today," said Emory, who liked seeing all the people come into the store to help celebrate.

"We had a lot of new people from the community come in and say 'hi,'" he said.

There were also many familiar faces "who came in to buy or just give congratulations," he said.

Throughout the years Emory said his favorite part of owning the store has been the customers and the people.

"I have liked getting to know everybody in this community and just having the opportunity to have a business in this great community," he said.

He said that people have come back to the store for their quality materials and competitive prices, and it has created a solid customer base of homebuilders and contractors, which are still going strong for the store.

Many of the stores employees have been at E&E Lumber for more than three decades, said Emory, and he said he appreciates their work.

He also wanted to thank the community which has helped the business keep going for five decades now. "Our community has been very supportive," he said.


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