The Downtown Arlington Business Association's recently installed their officers and board members for the upcoming year, who hope to continue and potentially grow their events like the Arlington Street Fair and Arlington Viking Fest.

Board members Bill Dettrich and Rich Senff, new president Jeff Phebus, treasurer Christy Brubaker and secretary Dana Fowler were installed as this year's board members and officers during the Downtown Arlington Business Association's (DABA's) March 1 meeting.

The organization runs some of the downtown events, including the Show and Shine Car Show, the Arlington Street Fair and the Viking Fest.

They also contribute to many of the other events downtown that are organized by the city or other organizations.

Phebus and others said they hope for stability for the organization for the upcoming year.

"I'm hoping we can maintain what we've done in the past," said Dettrich.

"It's going to be tough without [last year's president] Mike Britt [who stepped down from a leadership role this year]. He's been here a long time and now we got a bunch of newbies up here," he said.

DABA's car show typically provides for local nonprofit organizations, but Fowler said she hopes to expand those efforts this year.

"I want us to look at giving back to the community in stronger ways," she said. Fowler hopes that other events can connect with supporting community services as well.

Awareness of the events downtown and the businesses downtown is also a goal for many.

"So many times a newcomer will not even realize what we have to offer," said Brubaker.

Board members and officers said that all tied into the goal of getting more people to the downtown area.

"We want to get more people into town to find our little diamond in the rough," said Senff.

"One of our goals is getting people into our beautiful community. We have an awesome downtown community," said Phebus.

The America's Best Communities competition is also on the minds of a lot of the members.

DABA members helped with a few of the initiatives involved in the competition, which comes to a finale on April 19 this year.

Up to $3 million is on the line if Arlington and Darrington are one of the top three out of the final eight across the nation.

"That's just going to blow open the doors for what we can do for our community and the downtown," said Fowler.

She hopes to continue building relationships with Darrington after the competition as well.

"These two communities used to be so close, they were sister communities, and I think that's fallen by the wayside. But they have so much to offer and we have much to offer them," she said.

Many of the returning and new officers wanted to help DABA to encourage cooperation.

"Everyone's tight-knit and close, and everybody's trying to help each other so I figured why not join DABA," said Dettrich.

"This is a great opportunity to help in a real meaningful and impactful way," said Fowler.

More information about DABA is available at their website at


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