The Zachry family at their business, Cuz Concrete, which will soon celebrate 50 years in operation. From left, Aaron, Brandon, Wayne and Chase.


Local business Cuz Concrete has been led by three generations of the Zachry family and is set to celebrate 50 years of being in the community this summer.

“We’re surprised. I don’t think when dad and his partners started it he imagined that someday we would have 50 employees. He was just trying to improve his life, and through his work and my mom’s work [who handled the finances], they just made it grow from then on,” said Wayne Zachry, president of Cuz Concrete.

Glen Zachry began the business 1969, along with two of his cousins and his wife Eilene.

“My dad worked for the railroad for 28 years and he was looking to advance and they wouldn’t advance him without leaving the area,” said Wayne Zachry.

Glen looked into buying a concrete company but ran into trouble when trying to close the deal.

“They doubled their price and he said ‘forget it, I’ll start my own,’” said Wayne Zachry.

Cuz Concrete started in Marysville and since then they have moved to a place by the Arlington Airport in the ‘70s and to their current property in Arlington off 67th Avenue in the ‘80s.

The business makes pre-cast concrete products, which started out as mostly septic tanks.

“When this was more of a rural area, everything was pretty much septic tanks,” said Wayne Zachry.

Now they do many types of concrete products. “Pretty much anything made of concrete that gets buried in the ground,” said Wayne Zachry.

In addition, they expanded into septic service and a separate truck repair business.

“If there was something we could do ourselves, it’s something that we did,” said Brandon Zachry, vice-president of production.

The business is a frequent donor to community projects.

“We just finished Grace Academy. They’re doing a remodel there and we put a lot into the ground,” said Wayne Zachry.

Other projects they’ve helped include benches for walkways, park equipment and the Marysville Historical Society Museum.

“We donate a lot to the schools, or try to, whenever they come and ask,” said Aaron Zachry, vice president of sales.

“The city has treated us pretty good throughout the years so we try and give back to the community as much as possible,” he said.

The family said they enjoy working with their friends and family.

“My biggest pleasure is getting to work with my children [Brandon and Aaron],” said Wayne Zachry.

“We know pretty much every employee’s child,” said Brandon Zachry.

About half of the company’s employees have been there more than 20 years, said Wayne Zachry.

Wayne Zachry also wanted to give credit to his parents who put a lot of work into making the business successful.

Glen Zachry, 89, still comes into work everyday but Thursday, according to Wayne Zachry.

The business plans to hold an open house and barbecue for the community this summer to celebrate 50 years in business, however the details are still being worked out.

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