The potential Arlington-Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center that local officials hope will bring more industrial jobs to the area.


The potential Arlington-Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center could be one of the first of two “Projects of Countywide Significance” named by the Snohomish County executive’s office.

The industrial center (a.k.a. AMMIC) is a partnership between Arlington and Marysville officials to attract industrial jobs to a region near I-5 in north Marysville and around Smokey Point.

Plans for the area are currently going through approval processes in both the city of Arlington and Marysville.

Local officials hope that the region attracts local manufacturing and industrial jobs.

This January Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers announced that the AMMIC could be highlighted from a new program from the executive’s office.

Along with an undeveloped region of Paine Field, the AMMIC would be named a “Project of Countywide Significance.”

“We’re announcing the category now as something we want to do,” said Kent Patton, a spokesman for the county executive’s office.

“We want to start highlighting some of these areas around the county,” he said.

“We expect over the next couple of months” to have the program officially going, said Patton.

Once in place the program would allow county staff to have more extensive knowledge of these areas to assist companies interested in developing there.

“With more preparation we can immediately have conversations with potential incoming businesses about what is allowed and what companies can do at that location,” said Patton.

The zoning regulations and utilities available which determine how businesses can use a location are planned to be part of staff knowledge for the program.

The permitting process may be able to go faster than it normally does as well, he said, although those benefits may be more felt by Paine Field than the AMMIC, as more of the planning and permits still go through Marysville and Arlington for that location.

Patton said that the AMMIC will still be supported simply by directing companies there.

“We want to highlight some of the really great opportunities for businesses that we have here,” he said.

The local AMMIC was chosen as it and Paine Field were “two of the most obvious selections in the county” said Patton.

“The two areas are the greatest priorities for potential economic development in the county,” he said.

For both Paine Field and AMMIC, Patton said that the local cities and communities have put a lot of work to show support for development as well.

“There is strong support from Marysville Mayor [Jon] Nehring and Arlington Mayor [Barbara] Tolbert,” for the AMMIC, said Patton.

Patton said the ultimate goal of the program is to attract business and a larger variety of industry.

“We’re very strong in aerospace and obviously we’re happy that people want to keep bringing aerospace jobs here,” he said.

“But at the same time we want to diversify our jobs so that we are not totally reliant on a single industry,” he said.

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