President of the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce Jesica Stickles talked about the new look and planned programs of the chamber during her State of the Chamber address on Jan. 29.

The chamber hosted two new events last year which they plan to bring back this year, and want to start an Oktoberfest event this year.

A carnival near the Sunnyside area of Marysville was a "big hit," said Stickles. They plan to bring back Butler Amusements and add performances and entertainment pieces this year.

A Christmas party fundraiser auction helped provide more funds to the chamber, and chamber officials hope to bring that party back as well.

Stickles hopes that an Oktoberfest in the fall can serve as a new tourism event for the area.

"We'll have breweries, wineries and distilleries featured from all over the Pacific Northwest," she said.

The chamber currently plans on charging an entry fee that will be good for five free drinks, and they will also have brewery items and festive music.

Stickles said that last year's new events raised an additional $63,000 for the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce.

"This funding goes to help support the Visitor's Information Center. The money from the city and county are no longer able to support the center, so we want to make that sustainable," she said.

Chamber officials also want to add more technology to the center to improve their appeal to the younger demographics.

In 2015 many aspects of the chamber received a facelift, including the Visitor's Information Center.

The meeting room and entrance to the center were organized, decluttered and received new paint.

The chamber's logo also got redone.

"We wanted to update the logo with a new color scheme that's more modern and that brings the same elements together in a more consistent and unified way," said Stickles. They also wanted it to have a font that made it easier for people to read.

The Chamber of Commerce printed directory was also brought back and featured all of the chamber's members. About 10,000 copies were printed up and distributed across the county.

"It's a useful tool and will help you support the Buy Local initiative," said Stickles.

After receiving a grant from the city of Marysville, the chamber was also able to improve the look of their website and find a new format for their newsletter.

"It has the same amount of information, it's just more organized," said Stickles.

The chamber's membership is currently at 192 businesses, and Stickles said the chamber's primary goal is member retention.

They hope to conduct studies about the member businesses' challenges and goals this year to understand how to help those businesses.

Stickles said the chamber is looking at new programs to move more into the digital age as well.

"It's clear you can't expect to keep doing the same old, same old and expect progress to move forward. Chambers need to re-invent themselves to move into new demographics," she said.

More information about the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce is available at


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