Camp Ruff House manager Sara Dickinson, left, and owner Yvonne Hill at the new location for the Marysville business on July 3.


Local doggy day care Camp Ruff House has a new home in Marysville.

The small business moved to the new location at 626 Ash Ave., Marysville in part because of the increased play area for dogs, which is four times larger now.

"The dogs love the outside space," said owner Yvonne Hill. "Because of the space that we have we're able to have a play deck and swimming pools when it's warm so they can splash around in there."

Hill said she also wanted to move to the new location for increased visibility and access that she didn't have before.

The property had previously been a pawn shop for more than a decade.

"They put it up for sale, and I decided I'm not going anywhere, it's time I invest in myself," she said.

Hill and her husband have worked on the shop to make it suitable for dogs now.

"It's come a really long way," said Hill.

"Now that we've been in here and working the last month we're making the changes we need to do," she said.

The entrance has a saloon theme. "Which has nothing to do with doggy day care, but it just felt right," said Hill.

Many of the items in the entrance were donated by clients and friends.

"The doors and barn wood on the walls came from one of my very first clients," said Hill. "Everything that is in here has a purpose and meaning."

The local doggy day care primarily houses dogs while owners are at work.

"We've always been located more or less off of the I-5 corridor so we're able to service Camano Island, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Arlington and all those folks who commute into Everett," said Hill.

The new location is just across the street from one of the downtown Marysville Community Transit park and rides as well, which is another boon for dog owners.

The business also does overnight boarding and traditionally does on-site grooming, however because of the coronavirus pandemic they are currently between groomers.

Because of COVID-19 most of the clients are staying in their cars when dropping off their pets, said Hill, but much of the service has remained the same.

"Our hours have remained the same, Monday through Friday," she said. However they have had to cut their Saturday hours.

"I'm hoping once we come out the other side we'll be able to open again Saturdays and open for Sunday as well," she said.

Hill said she has enjoyed being a part of the community and helping to house dogs for locals these past several years.

"I love it as much as the day I started and I wouldn't do anything else," she said.


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