ATI Physical Therapy opened a new Marysville location and plan to provide local medical services to those who need it to get them back to physical activity.

The office had their ribbon cutting for their Marysville location on Dec. 12. They are located at 1241 State Ave., Suite A, near the Marysville HomeStreet Bank.

"We do traditional physical therapy, outpatient physical therapy and also sports injuries, as well as medical nutrition" said Katie Burdeaux, clinic director.

The goal is to help people get back to their regular activity after an injury.

"That helps people get to their daily activities and sports on the weekends as well," she said.

Christina Durr, territory business manager for ATI Physical Therapy, said customers enjoy the close, individual care from their clinics.

"We do one-on-one care and all of our treatment plans are really individualized to the patient," said Durr.

They also offer a lot of customer service, she said, so that patients know exactly what they are paying for.

"We do benefit checks for every patient that comes through the door so they know all the expenses, it's just really personalized," said Durr.

There are also some specialized services that patients take advantage of at ATI Physical Therapy, said Durr.

"They like that we're able to offer other services like the medical nutrition," she said, which is available at the Marysville office.

Burdeaux said she got her start with physical therapy by going through injuries herself.

"I went to Temple University in Philadelphia and played softball there so I had a lot of sports injuries myself," she said.

After graduation she has taken a couple of other medicine and therapy jobs in the Pacific Northwest and has now come to be the director for ATI Physical Therapy's Marysville location.

She said she chose to pursue physical therapy because she enjoys facilitating healing.

"It was really just helping patients and helping people," she said. "Helping people get back to what they want to do, whether that mean running a marathon or just walking again."

ATI Physical Therapy is a national corporation based out of Chicago that now has 42 locations in Washington state.

Durr said that they are excited to enter a new region of Snohomish County.

"This is a new area for us and we're excited to be a part of Marysville," Durr said.

Marysville ATI Physical Therapy is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information call 360-572-5800.


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