Ziply Fiber employees install fiber optic broadband lines.


Arlington residents and businesses will have a new option for internet service soon as Ziply Fiber is expanding into the area.

The internet broadband business specializes in fiber optic broadband, which is a new type of broadband cable capable of faster speeds than other types of broadband.

“This is the fastest for business and residential customers,” said Harold Zeitz, CEO of Ziply Fiber. “It’s a better way to deliver the service."

Ziply Fiber is a Pacific Northwest company focused on building a fiber network in the area.

“We’re headquartered here in Kirkland and operate in the four northwestern states,” said Zeitz. “We’re a local company and our folks are from here."

They purchased Frontier Communications in 2019 and started “right away” with working on their network.

“We made investments to the network to improve it,” said Zeitz.

Currently they are expanding in various areas around Washington state and Oregon.

“We’re doing quite a bit of expansion right now,” said Zeitz.

He said they have been working with the county and Snohomish County PUD to build out the network in areas there.

“Snohomish County is an area that is important to us,” said Zeitz. “The communities that work with us to make it easier are the ones we’re able to prioritize."

Zeitz was thankful for work with the Snohomish County Council which has helped Ziply Fiber begin to construct their network so that local residents have more options when it comes to broadband internet service.

All areas need to have fast connection to the internet, he said.

“We believe you don’t have to live in a big city to get the best speed,” he said.

The expansion in Arlington is scheduled to be finished in the first quarter of next year.

“It’s construction, so that’s all dependent on permitting and weather,” said Zeitz.

After the construction is finished it doesn’t take long until they are ready for customers.

“It can be a matter of days before we can turn it on,” he said.

Zeitz said customers like the broadband internet they provide because there is simple pricing and no contracts for residential customers.

“We answer calls right away,” said Zeitz.

“We run our network at a low level of usage,” which means the network can handle a larger activity increase without interruptions to service than other networks, he added.

More information about Ziply Fiber and their current network is available at

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