The new Altitude Trampoline Park in Marysville provides a place for kids to have fun while exercising.

The new business opened on Sept. 15 and held their grand opening on Oct. 14. They are located at 6610 64th Street NE, Marysville, formerly where the IGA grocery store was located.

Owner Dave Jones said it's a good place for kids to get some activity and fun.

"They love having a place to come in and having a place to exercise," he said.

"They can disconnect from all the video games and they can just come in here and have a blast for a while," he said.

Parents have also enjoyed the trampoline park because their kids are getting some physical exercise in.

"They're not having a blast doing whatever, they're exercising," said Jones.

The Marysville Trampoline Park is 28,000-square-feet in size.

"It's bigger than most of the ones I've heard of around here," said Jones.

That includes numerous trampolines, two dodgeball courts, two basketball hoops to dunk on and a "battle beam."

The Marysville location also plans to add a Olympic-style trampoline (also known as a performance trampoline) which will be available in the future.

"They're made with a different material that makes them very bouncy," said Jones.

"That is really rare as well, you're not going to find any place around here that's got performance trampolines," he said.

A parents lounge and numerous tables are also available for groups at the trampoline park.

The business has also recently begun one-hour fitness classes. Two in the morning and two in the evening are available, in addition to Saturday morning classes.

"It's a great workout. It's fun, they're having a blast, it's warm and there's music," said Jones. "It's fun, but it's fitness at the same time," he said.

A one-hour pass at the trampoline park costs $12.75 plus tax and there are rates for families and birthday parties as well.

Jones got into the trampoline park business after seeing his brother building an Altitude Trampoline Park in Puerto Rico.

"I went over there for three weeks in November and decided 'wow, this is really, really cool,'" he said.

He came back to Washington and looked for a suitable location. "There are very few buildings available this size, with 17-foot ceilings, and empty," he said.

But eventually he found a location in Washington and opened the 25th Altitude Trampoline Park. The Dallas company is mostly in the eastern and southern United States.

"They were excited to have us open a park out here in the northwest," he said.

So far Jones said he likes "the excitement of all these kids having fun. I don't like during the day when it's slow and kind of boring, but I love the weekend when all the kids come down," he said.

The trampoline park is open daily. More information is available at or by calling 360-454-0099.


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