Jeff Colreon, of Dueling Pianos with Jeff and Rhiannon, plays at the stage of the Marysville Opera House on Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14.


For the third year in a row Marysville hosted a night of piano songs and dinner for couples on Valentine’s Day night.

The event is held at the Marysville Opera House and brings lots of returning couples each year.

“We’ve had a fantastic crowd, a lot of great energy. They’re just having a great time with a great dinner,” said Chris Taylor, cultural arts supervisor with the city of Marysville’s Parks, Culture and Recreation Department.

The Opera House stage hosts Dueling Pianos with Jeff & Rhiannon, a Pacific Northwest dueling pianos group that play a number of classic rock ballads as well as newer hits on their two pianos.

“Jeff and Rhiannon are just phenomenal,” said Taylor.

“You hear Dueling Pianos and you might not be sure what that means. ‘Are they competing?’ But no, they’re actually working together in tandem and it really helps amplify some of the sounds of the songs,” he said.

Dueling piano performances typically involve lots of audience interaction and encouragement to sing along with the two piano players. 

“It’s great, fourth-wall breaking interaction with the crowd,” said Taylor.

Many people enjoy listening to their old favorites in a new setting, he said.

“I think there’s a combination of hearing the old classics and some new songs, but it’s in a new way. Maybe you’re used to listening to it alone, or singing it in the car or in the shower, but now you’re being asked to sing with other people,” said Taylor.

Although not everybody is on board immediately.

“As the night goes on you start to warm up to it and I think a lot of people enjoy that, they just need a few songs to get used to it,” he said.

Taylor added he enjoys the excitement the performers bring to Marysville when they come.

“I like their energy. You can’t buy energy. You book a venue and you hope for the best and they just bring it, above and beyond,” he said.

This is the third year the city of Marysville has hosted an event for couples on Valentine’s Day and Taylor said the city hopes to continue doing so.

“We want to make this one of our signatures here in Marysville,” he said.

This year the Marysville Soroptimists helped serve drinks and the food was brought in by Catering by Tara Helm, a Lake Stevens business.

More information about Marysville’s events is available at their website at marysvillewa.gov.

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