Several local students were recognized for their artwork in Snohomish PUD’s 2019 art contest depicting ‘Energizing Life in our Communities’ or photography of ‘Energy in Action.’

Students were scheduled to be honored by PUD officials on May 21.

Winners this year were recognized across the county, including local schools such as Marysville’s Liberty Elementary, Lakewood Middle School and Arlington High School.

The local utility district has been putting on the art contest for more than a decade now.

“We have themes usually based on one of the goals of the PUD that we’ve been working on,” said Heather Herbst, public education program coordinator.

This year students were asked to design a bookmark about “Energizing Life in our Communities” and students responded with a variety of art pieces.

The PUD plans to print out those bookmarks and give them for distribution at the winners' individual school and at the Sno-Isle Libraries.

High school students could also take part in the photography competition.

“It’s fun for the photography teachers,” when they can apply their lessons into a contest, said Herbst “It’s a good thing to put on a college application."

The program is meant to help students engage in how the energy they use is produced.

“I think it’s important for the community to understand that we are interested in our ratepayers not just as ratepayers, but as individuals in the community,” said Jenni Lamarca, public education program coordinator.

“We want to hear what they have to say,” she said.

PUD officials meet with the winners to honor them as part of the program.

“When the winners come out to our building they get to meet the commissioners,” said Lamarca, and students and parents get to make a more direct connection with the leaders of the PUD.

The PUD’s education program provides a lot of ways for schools to put more energy content into their curriculum.

“Our biggest offering is classroom presentations,” said Herbst, who added that they provide thousands of hours of student instruction each year. 

“When you have school districts that are financially strapped, this kind of free resource is invaluable,” said Cayle Thompson, media and public relations liaison with the Snohomish PUD.

The art contest is part of their education program and offers a different angle to talk about energy and power.

“We do a lot of STEM [science, technology, engineering and math] work with our education program and this is a way to reach out and appeal to a broader swath of students,” said Thompson.

Local winners in the PUD Art Contest include:

Grade 1

Delilah Soto

Liberty Elementary School

Grade 7

Shelby Lott

Lakewood Middle School

Grade 8 

Katie Anderson

Lakewood Middle School

Local winners in the PUD Photography Contest include:

Grade 9

Mia Urionaguen

Arlington High School

Grade 10

Myles Arballo

Arlington High School

More information about the PUD’s education resources and the full list of winners is available at the PUD's website at under the Education tab.


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