Merchant Jeff Lingg, left, talks with Gary Merritt at the Stillaguamish Senior Center's Holiday Bazaar on Nov. 3.

Locals came out to the Stillaguamish Senior Center's Holiday Bazaar to find gifts and to support the local center on Nov. 3.

The bazaar helps raise money for the center and provides a place for local merchants and hobbyists to show their crafts.

"We're holding our annual bazaar. It's about 49 vendors this year and it's a fundraiser for the center," said Danette Klemens, executive director for the Stillaguamish Senior Center.

Many people come out each year to see all of the goods which include knitted items, woodworking pieces, holiday wreaths and more.

"We have a good, steady turnout this year, despite the weather," said Klemens.

She said that people enjoy coming out to see the unique and handcrafted items available at the bazaar.

"I think it gives them a chance to get out and do some holiday shopping, they get to spend some time with friends and it's a good way to spend a Saturday," said Klemens.

Gary Merritt, a member of the Stillaguamish Senior Center said he stopped by because he saw an event was happening in the center.

"So I thought I should stop in and see what's going on," he said. "I just love going through things like this to see the items."

The money raised by the center is used to help maintain the building and keep the organization going.

"The funds go to sustain the senior center and its operations. This is one of our smaller fundraisers," said Klemens.

Even though it's one of the lesser fundraisers, she said it's still important for the operation.

"With most senior centers it's a process of continual fundraising to keep the operation sustainable, so this bazaar really contributes to that," said Klemens.

Most senior centers require a lot of maintenance to keep going, said Klemens, and they also offer a lot of programs that need to be supported.

"This helps support our various programs and activities, which we have a numerous amount of," said Klemens.

The Holiday Bazaar also helps publicize the center.

"People can come in and learn what we do," said Klemens.

"It's important for us to be an integral part of the community and bring the awareness that we're here for the seniors, especially with the aging population and the wave of seniors who are entering that arena every day," she said.

Klemens wanted to thank everyone who helps keep the Stillaguamish Senior Center running.

"We appreciate the community support to make a difference for the seniors and the center," she said.

More information about the center is available at

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