Rotaract Club of Snohomish County member Laura Campbell reads "The Dark" by Lemony Snicket as part of the club's Once Upon a Storytime program for April.

The Once Upon a Story Time program from the Rotaract Club of Snohomish County began on April 8

The Rotaract Club of Snohomish County is helping local mothers by providing night-time story readings for children on Facebook Live for the month of April.

Members are taking turns reading various children stories for families beginning every weeknight at 7 p.m.

They are using the Facebook Live platform at their page at facebook.com/RotaractSnohomishCounty. The program began on April 8.

The club is a service club meant to help the community.

"Rotary has different areas of focus that it tries to help out," said Morgan Crosby, past president and current member of the club.

"We have many different ways that we want to serve the community," she said.

The organization usually get a focus each month from the national organization to help a specific group of people. 

"This month we were supposed to help woman and maternal health, especially for young mothers," said Crosby.

With the COVID-19 stay-at-home order in place it was a little trickier than normal to find an activity, but Crosby said that members have enjoyed reading stories to local families.

"That way we could at least provide families with some sense of routine," said Crosby.

"Families can come listen to a story and then they can go to bed or do whatever else afterward," she said.

Members of the club take turns participating and reading a story for the event.

"It's a fun thing for the other Rotarians to participate in," said Crosby.

Crosby said that the activity has come together well and that they are mainly reading books from Harpers-Collins.

"We're making sure to follow the guidelines from the publishers who have given us permission. They have given us the okay over e-mail," said Crosby.

Although the club is not able to post the Facebook videos permanently, they are able to keep them up for 24 hours after the book is read online. After that the club has to take the videos down though.

Crosby said lots of families have viewed the event each night.

"The videos are getting a couple hundred views so far each night," she said.

"If they get a couple shares than Facebook tells us the most watched videos are getting thousands of views," said Crosby.

The program is scheduled to continue throughout the rest of the month.

"We will be following through with this program for the rest of April," said Crosby.

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