Pumpkin Quest

Marysville families can explore local trails as part of the Pumpkin Trails Quest scavenger hunt this month.

Registration for families or individuals is $5 at marysvillewa.gov. The event runs Oct. 1-31.

“There are three different trails in Marysville that I have placed some pumpkin photos around,” said Jennifer Friess, athletic supervisor with the Marysville Parks, Culture and Recreation Department.

Some pumpkin facts will also be posted with the photos for families to learn more about them.

“This is just a fun way to explore some of our trails and get out,” said Friess.

Families can complete the trails in a single day or spread it out over multiple days if they want.

Those who register will receive a worksheet to help them find the photos hidden around the Marysville trails.

“They’ve got to fill out the worksheet and upload to it our website,” to be entered into a random drawing for prizes.

Instructions for uploading the worksheet are provided to those who register.

Winners will receive prize baskets valued at $30 each. Winners will be contacted on Nov. 3.

The event is similar in format to other scavenger hunts the city of Marysville has put together this year.

“The scavenger hunts that my co-worker put on earlier in the year were so popular that we wanted to follow those up in some form,” said Friess.

Those scavenger hunts brought people out to various parks in February around Valentine’s Day and around local parks and businesses for the Easter season.

“Now we’re trying to celebrate the month of ‘Walktober,’” said Friess. She hopes the activity will encourage people to get active during the fall season while introducing them to some of Marysville’s trails.

Friess said the previous scavenger hunts helped families discover new parts of the city.

“They liked that it takes them to places that they maybe didn’t know where there,” said Friess.

“It gives them more knowledge of what we have,” she added.

The city has begun offering the scavenger hunts to provide activities that are safe during the COVID pandemic.

“It’s a fun family activity,” said Friess. “It’s something that they can all do together."

Friess added, “They can get out and it is something that the family can look forward to."

More information about the city of Marysville’s recreation offerings is available at marysvillewa.gov.

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