Melia Hegr, left, poses for a photo with one of the princesses from business Enchanting Events at the city of Marysville's Princess and Pixie Dust Perfect Party on Sept. 29.


Marysville families and children got to meet princesses at the city's third annual Princess and Pixie Dust Perfect Party on Sept. 29.

The event put on by the city of Marysville brings princesses to the downtown Marysville Opera House.

"This event is all about the princesses. We use every floor of the Opera House and each floor is decorated specifically for that princess," said Andrea Kingsford, recreation coordinator with the city's Parks, Culture and Recreation Department.

"Every year we bring in different princesses so the kids will have an opportunity to meet their favorite," Kingsford said.

There are also treats and arts and crafts throughout the event for families to enjoy that match the theme of each floor.

"We end the event with a giant dance where the princesses all dance on the stage and the dance floor," said Kingsford.

The event expanded to two sessions last year and continues to be popular.

"It's going amazing. We were sold out with the first session and had so many little happy princesses," said Kingsford.

Many families returned to the event after having been to it before.

For local parent Christina Nichols and her daughter, it was their second time at the event.

"The lines are not long at all. It's cost effective. I like how they use every level and that they get to talk to all the princesses," she said.

Local parents Mandy Ganem and Courtney Rafferty also agreed the event was fun last year.

"We loved it enough last year to come back," said Ganem.

"I think the princesses were fun and it was fun to interact with them and do all the arts and crafts. It's way more decorated this year than last year that I remember. It's just fun to dress and come out," said Rafferty.

Many of the children came dressed up as their favorite princess.

"I love seeing how all the dresses come in and seeing how they connect with a certain princess," said Kingsford.

"I think that there are lots of little princesses out there and we wanted to make an event where they can dress up. We had a little prince too, boys and girls are dressing up and getting to feel very special," she said.

Kingsford said she enjoys watching the children get to meet some of the princesses that they connect with.

"There are families that know certain princess songs by heart and the little ones love to be on the stage and singing at the top of their lungs," she said.

The venue is also good for the Princess and Pixie Dust theme, she said. "You feel elegant in the Opera House. It has a very special feel."

She wanted to thank the local businesses who supported the event including Reece Construction, Lexar Homes and Real Estate Rock Stars.

"It's sponsors like that who help keep these events affordable and possible for us to do," she said.

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