Local mother Kira Cox spins her son Kevin Cox around during the Mother-Son Superhero Dance on March 23.


Mothers and sons dressed up as superheroes and sidekicks at the fourth annual Mother-Son Superhero Dance on March 23.

The city of Marysville and various sponsors work to provide a dance for local mothers and sons and bring superheroes like Spider-Man and Captain America to meet with the kids.

"It is going really well. Now that we have a few years under our belt families know what to expect, they anticipate it and they look forward to dressing up," said Andrea Kingsford, recreation coordinator with the city of Marysville's Parks, Culture and Recreation Department.

The dance is meant to provide a similar experience to the popular Father-Daughter Valentine's Dance that the city has offered for many years.

"We formatted it similarly to the Father-Daughter Valentine's Dance, but we have some added features. We have some added activities for the kids to take part in and, of course, we have dancing with our amazing DJ," said Kingsford.

Although only in its fourth year, the dance already has many repeat visitors.

"It's always great, this is our third year," said local parent Chelsea Savoie.

"It's a lot of fun for the kids and the kids sleep really good at night," she said.

Local mother Kira Cox said she and her son have been to the event all four years.

"It's just absolutely awesome. It's just fun and the group that puts it on, the DJ on stage, is fantastic," said Cox.

"The Parks Department does a great job with it and we look forward to it every year," she said.

Kingsford said she enjoys the opportunity to put on an event for local mothers.

"I just love having opportunities for families to spend time together and to be having fun together and laughing together," she said.

It's good to provide a time for mothers and sons, specifically, to get together, she said.

"The moms love that this is their time to be with their kids. They love getting dressed up and having their night," said Kingsford.

Local parent Jennifer Richards said she loves the event and wishes they did it at more places.

"It's a mother-son thing and we get to spend our own time together. And he loves superheroes so it's absolutely perfect," she said.

The event is sponsored by a number of local organizations and businesses.

"It's because of the sponsors that we get to do events like this. This year we have Gamut 360, Kung Fu 4 Kids, Kiwanis, Clear Image Photography and Sound Source Seattle," said Kingsford.

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