Marysville will host free drive-in bingo at the city courthouse parking lot on Feb. 26 as one of their new socially distanced family activities.

Although originally advertised to start at 6:30 p.m., that time slot is now full and a second time at 8:30 p.m. has been added by the city to accommodate more people.

“We are just so pleased. There has been such a good response, so much that we added a second time to accommodate the people who still wanted to participate,” said Andrea Kingsford, recreation coordinator with the city’s Parks, Culture and Recreation Department.

Bingo cards will be provided at the event, although families should bring their own snacks.

Prize baskets will be given out and those who win should honk their horn or flash their lights.

City staff are using the inflatable screen typically used for their summer "Popcorn in the Park" program.

“Bingo numbers will be announced on the screen and over the radio as well,” said Kingsford.

Registration is strongly encouraged as Kingsford does not think there will be space available by the time of the event.

Those wanting to register should call the Marysville Parks, Culture and Recreation office at 360-363-8400.

The event was added in part to put on additional safe family activities this year by the city.

“This will be a lot of fun for the community,” said Kingsford. “Bingo is a family favorite."

Many families have been stuck inside for many months now without a lot to do.

“People are really ready to be involved in activities again and it is a way where they can still be safe and comfortable,” said Kingsford.

As part of the effort to put on more family events this year the city hosted a drive-in film showing earlier in February.

“It was a huge success. Originally we offered just one time slot but we added a second one for that event as well,” said Kingsford.

The parking lot at the court accommodates 40 vehicles and it filled up for both nights of the film showing.

“I really think that the community is looking for a safe way to come out and enjoy the community,” said Kingsford.

The city is planning another drive-in film showing in March, although the details for that event aren’t out yet.

Bacasue families can come out and be safe in their cars, that helps city staff and individuals remain safe while participating in activities during the pandemic.

“The drive-in opportunity is such a good way for people to get out in a safe way,” said Kingsford. “Combining the drive-in with the bingo seemed like a great opportunity."

Kingsford wanted to thank the Marysville Kiwanis Club who are sponsoring the drive-in bingo night.


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