Sue Cottrell, an expert on birds and will be the September speaker for Marysville’s Outdoor Adventure Speaker Series.


Speakers who will talk about their outdoors experiences will return to the Marysville Opera House this September as part of the Outdoor Adventure Speaker Series.

This is the third year of the program which brings a speaker on the second Tuesday of the month to the local opera house at 1225 Third St., Marysville.

“We’re excited to be coming back after having the summer off,” said Lauren Woodmansee, cultural arts supervisor for the Marysville Parks, Culture and Recreation Department.

The program isn’t held during the summer months because most people interested in the outdoors don’t want to be inside during June, July or August, she said.

The speaker series will begin Sept. 10.

“We’re able to bring really fascinating and fun outdoor enthusiasts to talk about their passions and what they have done,” said Woodmansee.

“It’s an amazing series. We have been able to procure some really interesting speakers,” she said.

The city has brought in people who have summited the seven tallest mountains of the world and experts in birding or long-distance bicycling.

“It’s been an incredibly diverse group of speakers,” said Woodmansee.

The Sept. 10 speaker will be Sue Cottrell who will be talking about the winter raptors of northwest Washington.

“She is an absolutely great person who is based out of Bellingham,” said Woodmansee.

“She has over 30 years of experience in sporting and the outdoors, including skiing, and used to own an outdoors shop up in Bellingham,” she said.

Cottrell is an expert on birds and volunteers for the Falcon Research Group, as well as helping local rescue organizations.

“Her real passion is birds and, in particular, some of the raptors of the northwest,” said Woodmansee.

“She’ll be talking about the American Kestrel and the red-tailed hawk,” she said.

Those birds don’t get as much attention as some of the other large birds like eagles.

“She likes to look at some of the birds that are not as widely publicized,” said Woodmansee.

Woodmansee also said that Cottrell is a great photographer who will be showing some of her photographs as part of the presentation.

“Her presentation is super knowledgable, but also very light-hearted,” she said.

On Oct. 8 the next speaker for the series will be Heather ‘Anish’ Anderson, who is National Geographic’s 2019 Adventurer of the Year and author of “Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home,” a novel about long-distance hiking.

Photographer Paul Souders and author of “Arctic Solitaire: A Boat, A Bay the Quest of the Perfect Bear” is scheduled to be the November speaker on Nov. 12.

Roy Robinson Subaru is the main sponsor for the series.

Entry to the series is $5 at the door. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the event is generally scheduled for 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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