Jeff Colreon, of Dueling Pianos with Jeff and Rhiannon, plays at the stage of the Marysville Opera House this Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day the city of Marysville hosted couples and community members at the downtown opera house for a night of dueling pianos.

Dueling Pianos with Jeff and Rhiannon returned to the Marysville Opera House after playing there last year.

“It is going fabulously. We are over the moon, excited about the crowd, the performer and everything,” said Lauren Woodmansee, cultural arts supervisor with the city of Marysville’s Parks, Culture and Recreation Department.

‘Dueling pianos’ are a type of show involving two pianists who often take song requests and get the audience involved in the music.

“They could play every single request that was asked and they could get everyone involved. People were standing up, clapping and having a great time,” said Woodmansee.

Although the performers travel across the world to put on their show, they are based in Snohomish County.

“They are a delight to work with and are a local band. A lot of times acts like this are from across the country,” said Woodmansee.

“They travel internationally and we’re just lucky to have them this close,” she said.

After last year’s show was a success the city decided to bring them back for another year.

“They were one of our most popular events ever we had last year and when people were walking out they were begging us to reschedule,” said Woodmansee.

This year though the city decided to have the event on Valentine’s Day to give local couples a place near them to come for the holiday.

“It’s something new and why not, instead of having to go to a restaurant and then a nightclub, have something here,” said Woodmansee.

The city provided a catered meal while the Marysville Rotary provided beer or wine at the event.

“It’s another part of our cultural arts program so we’re just excited that it came together well and it’s so well-received,” she said.

The city has been able to host a number of events at the downtown opera house for different holidays throughout the year and Woodmansee wanted to thank those who have come out to participate in those.

“We’re very pleased with how the community has accepted us and have constantly supporting us. We’re thankful for a giving and supportive community,” she said.

Despite selling out this year the event was in danger of not happening at the beginning of the week because of snow from earlier in the week.

“The phone has been ringing off the hook and we had cancelled two events earlier this week, so that was tough and people were nervous,” said Woodmansee.

Some participants were traveling from as far away as Woodinville.

However, “Mother Nature shined down on us and actually gave us a rainy day,” she said. “We had all but one show tonight, so that is pretty great.”

The local Fahlman Property Group sponsored the event.

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