Greater Marysville Artists Guild member Rod Sylvester with some of his art at a recent open house put on by the organization on April 3.


The Greater Marysville Artists Guild held an open house to invite the community to learn about the organization on April 3.

The group of local artists hosts a number of initiatives throughout the county.

“We’re just a group of people that love to paint,” said Sheila Harrington Stump, president of the organization.

“We’ve had people in the past who are not artists at all but love to support the arts and do that sort of work,” she said.

That work includes providing scholarships to the “greater Marysville area … all of Snohomish County basically,” said Stump.

They also have members who participate in rotating artist displays in various businesses around the community.

“A portion of the sale, if they sell anything, also goes into the scholarship fund,” said Stump.

Many in the organization also help others in the community become artists as well.

“A lot of us have given classes. I used to, although I don’t anymore,” said Stump.

Stump said that is a good group of people that she has become a part of.

“I’m not a joiner usually. I’m one of those very self-sufficient people,” she said, “but I’m finding that the groups that I belong to have really become important to me.”

There is a great variety in the art and artists in the group as well, said Stump, ranging from natural paintings to the more surreal.

She said that one of their members has “a lot of funny hilarious stuff, a lot of it has dinosaurs or trains in it.”

Some of the members just paint for themselves while others bring their art out for many different types of events.

“We have one artist, she shows at the rodeos and fairs all over, not just in the state,” said Stump.

The Greater Marysville Artists Guild has been a part of the area for a few decades now.

“I joined 25 years ago and it was an established organization back then,” said Stump.

“We used to be 50 or more people,” she said. “People forget that we’re here."

Stump invites anyone who wants to be a member to come to a meeting.

“It’s a fun thing and everyone is welcome,” she said. Meetings for the organization are the first Wednesday of the month, March through November.

“And that’s so old people don’t have to drive in snow and ice and dark,” she said.

There are $25 dues, $5 of which goes toward the scholarships the organization provides.

For more information contact Stump at or at 425-524-6200.

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