Robin Cooper, left, talks with baker and author Emily Hutchinson at a book signing on Dec. 21.


Arlington baker and cookbook writer Emily Hutchinson stopped by downtown Arlington with Mrs. Claus on Dec. 21 to sign books and greet fans.

Hutchinson is an Arlington local who has gained recognition for her cookie baking.

"She just wrapped up her book tour where she was in New York, Chicago and L.A., and she had a little time to squeeze in today before she started her holiday stuff," said Tina Richardson, owner of Hometown Candle Co., the host of the event.

Mrs. Claus greeted families as Hutchinson signed and sold books at the Arlington event.

"Emily Hutchinson has a business called the Hutch Oven. She started baking cookies and it just sort of snowballed. Now she does things on the Hallmark Channel and was just a judge for a competition show on that channel," said Richardson.

Many of the people who came out have known Hutchinson as friends or family.

Catherine Cahuia is a cousin of Hutchinson's mother and knew her when she was growing up. When Hutchinson started 'the Hutch Oven' and began writing books, Cahuia said she was excited for her.

"I'm a baker, too, but nothing like this," she said.

Others like Robin Cooper became fans of Hutchinson's later.

"I just started following Emily and I love the way she decorates her cookies and I love her attitude," said Cooper.

Hutchinson just released a new book on cookies which inspired the local signing event.

"There was no one in town locally who was selling it, so it was brought up that perhaps she would do a signing," said Richardson, who added she met Hutchinson because their children go to the same school.

The new book goes into Hutchinson's background as well shows readers how to make cookies.

"It teaches step-by-step how to do what she does with the cookies, from the decorating to the baking to the finishing touches," said Richardson.

The book signing went well, Richardson said.

"With just the Facebook event we were pretty surprised with how many people were interested," she said. "We had people here early before we even opened."

Richardson said she wanted to feature the local baker to highlight a local success story.

"She's inspiring to me as an entrepreneur and being local to Arlington. It's a big deal when you can break out of the state lines and make a name for yourself. I just wanted to give her an opportunity to have the local people come out for her," she said.

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