Jaxon Fryberg plays with the Lego spaceship he built at last year's Ready, Set, Build on April 14, 2019, in Marysville.


The Marysville Opera House will be full of Legos for a third year during the city’s Engineering Extravaganza event on Feb. 23.

The event allows kids to build using the thousands of Lego bricks brought to the event and put around the opera house.

Tickets are $7 per adult or youth. The opera house is at 1225 Third St., Marysville.

There are two sessions with one from noon to 2 p.m. and the second from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

“We are working with Play-Well TEKnologies to bring back our Lego event for a third year,” said Andrea Kingsford, recreation coordinator for the city’s Parks, Culture and Recreation Department.

“They are bringing in thousands of Legos that kids will be able to play with,” she said.

The opera house will host a variety of themed stations for kids to enjoy Legos.

“There will be multiple architecture projects kids can take part in,” said Kingsford, such as a motorized monorail.

One area will feature Lego recreations of buildings from around the Marysville area.

“There will be an obstacle course for the kids to build gear-driven cars for,” said Kingsford. Children can put together their car designs and send them on the track, she said.

This is the first time that the city of Marysville is partnering with Play-Well TEKnologies for this Lego event, but they have been involved in other city events before.

“They do some of our summer programs,” and have been to the Mother-Son Superhero Dance in the past, said Kingsford.

“When we had Play-Well at the dance they brought the obstacle course track,” said Kingsford. Kids at the dance event enjoyed building Lego cars and seeing how they go through the course and it was a big success there, said Kingsford.

“The kids would build something and see how it would go on the track,” she said.

Legos remain a child and family classic because they give youth a chance to play around with making objects.

“In general, kids just love being creative and seeing the possibilities,” said Kingsford.

The city of Marysville started the event to provide some family time at the Opera House for locals.

“We love providing opportunities for the family to have quality time to play and enjoy with each other,” said Kingsford.

She wanted to thank the sponsor of the event, the Snohomish John L. Scott Real Estate office.

“We look forward to having the community come out to the event,” said Kingsford.

To pre-register for the event or for more information about other Marysville events, go to

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