Local musicians and community members helped organize a benefit concert for the Arlington Community Food Bank recently.

The benefit concert "Kornstock" was held on July 27 and 28 at the downtown Legion Park.

Local musician Johnny Green and local dancer/singer Kristina Faller were among the volunteers who helped build the recently added stage to the park, and were two of the organizers of the Kornstock benefit concert.

"We built this stage this year and just wanted it to be a really fun community place for people to come together," said Faller.

Green and other local musicians have gathered during that weekend for a number of years.

"We usually have a party on this weekend, because it's the driest weekend of the year statistically," he said.

A couple of years ago it moved to Green's house, but they thought they would try it at Legion Park this year.

"We built the stage this spring and we thought it would be good to move it down here and help the food bank at the same time," he said.

Faller said that they started it as a benefit concert so that, hopefully, the community and city officials could get behind it.

They thought of the food bank as a good cause and requested attendees bring an item to donate for the local food bank.

"I drove by there the other day and it was quite the lineup of people in front of the door. Everybody needs a hand up once and a while," said Green.

Jerrie Inman, president of the Arlington Community Food Bank's board of directors, said she appreciates the attention and support.

"I think it was wonderful. It was really kind of them to think of us," she said.

The summer months are often some of the most difficult for food banks, which tend to receive more donations during the holiday season.

"We're down to green beans and corn pretty much," said Inman.

Faller said that it could help the food bank at a time when their donations slow.

"We thought that the food bank doesn't get a lot of attention this time of year," she said, "and it needs help all of the time."

If the event has a successful turnout Green and Faller said it may return next year.

"We just put it together and hope it will be something we can put on every year," said Faller.

All six bands donated their time for free for the benefit concert and the Arlington Legion also provided food during both days.

"We have a lot of people coming together to make this work," said Faller.

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