Games and treats will be available for children and families at the Arlington Assembly’s annual Fall Festival which will be held on Oct. 31.

The free event is open to the community to bring their children and enjoy games and other activities, as well as receive some free candy.

The local church is located at 201 N Stillaguamish Ave., Arlington.

This year’s Fall Festival will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

“It’s going to be an indoors-outdoors event,” said Taunya Sanchez, children’s director with the Arlington Assembly church.

Masks will be required due to state health guidelines.

Sanchez said the event will be similar to previous Fall Festival events, with the only changes mainly meant to ensure safety during the pandemic.

“Because of COVID there will be some little changes to meet the guidelines,” said Sanchez.

Some rooms will be one-way-in, one-way-out to comply with state safety mandates, she said.

The Halloween night Fall Festival even offers a place for children to get candy that is indoors and in a monitored area, which many families like, said Sanchez.

“It’s a family-safe, fun filled night,” she said. “It’s indoors and a safe environment so the families don’t have to worry as much about their kids when they’re here."

The night is typically filled with free carnival-style games staffed by volunteers from the church where kids can come up, take part in the activity, and win some candy at each booth.

“There will be games, ponies, free food and a live performance,” said Sanchez.

“We will be giving away a lot of gifts during that time,” she said.

As it is Halloween all families are encouraged to come in costume as well. This year the event will have a Star Wars theme.

The event is put on by the Arlington Assembly and is volunteer run.

“We like to create an environment every year where families can feel safe to come,” said Sanchez.

“It’s really to love on our community and do what we do as a church for the community,” she added.

The Fall Festival is open to anybody from the community, not just those in the church, said Sanchez.

“The event will be here for any family that wants to come down,”Sanchez said.

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