Both free and ticketed concerts are coming to Arlington’s downtown Legion Park this summer to help bring community together again.

The Downtown Arlington Business Association (DABA) is sponsoring multiple concerts over the summer season.

Because they weren’t able to organize and hold a car show this year the organization decided to change direction.

“We couldn’t have the car show this year,” said Cristy Brubaker, treasurer for the association. “This is just a way for us to do something for the community."

The next concert from the organization will be the ‘Summer Kick-Off’ event on June 26 that DABA has held in the past.

This is the only ticketed concert from DABA for the summer and features local country artist Aaron Crawford with Santa Poco.

A beer garden and food vendors are also planned for the event.

Other concerts that DABA is adding are because they want to provide a community event in place of the car show.

“We are using our grant money to provide some free concerts over the summer,” said Brubaker.

The first of those concerts will feature The Jimmy Wright Band on July 17. The second planned concert will be on Aug. 14.

“We don’t have confirmation yet,” from the artist, but Brubaker said she is in the process of scheduling with the musicians for that concert.

DABA could add additional concert dates as the summer goes along, said Brubaker, but they are working on these initial dates for right now.

“We hope to have a couple of food vendors at the concerts,” said Brubaker. “They’re pretty hard to get a hold of right now though."

DABA hopes to provide the concerts to begin getting people out in the community again.

“Our community is anxious to start stepping toward more normal events,” said Brubaker.

“This is a way for people to get out with their family and enjoy our little town,” she said.

Downtown businesses have been busy lately she said.

“It has been really rewarding to see the dedication with which some people have supported the downtown businesses here,” said Brubaker.

She said it is part of the culture of Arlington to support one another.

“It’s just our nature to keep our community strong and growing,” she said.

DABA hopes to begin bringing back events to the downtown area.

“We’re looking forward to doing the best we can this year,” said Brubaker.

The Arlington Street Fair is currently scheduled for July 9 to 10 and Brubaker said that the organization wants to bring back it’s normal roster of events next year.


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