Norah Palmer, foreground, and Lincoln Palmer play in one of the bouncy houses at the Spring Spectacular carnival on May 20.


Arlington Christian School put on a community carnival this year as a way to raise money to improve their campus.

The May 20 ‘Spring Spectac6ular’ event was at the school and included numerous carnival games for kids to play.

The school typically has two fundraisers a year, but this is the first time they have put on a family carnival.

“We’re a small private Christian school and we decided that we wanted to do something that was family friendly instead of just an auction that is for the parents,” said Melissa Fagan, an administrator with the school and one of the organizers of the event.

Fagan said the pandemic has caused a lot of isolation and they wanted to encourage people to get back together.

“We wanted to have people and get that camaraderie we’ve missed out on the last couple of years,” said Fagan. “So we figured let’s do a carnival theme and invite the community to show up and have a good time."

She said the carnival was going well to start off the day.

“I think it’s gone well. A lot of our families have stepped up to help and our teachers are all here to help,” said Fagan.

Kids participated in the many carnival events that were set up by volunteers with the carnival.

“We’ve got teachers getting dunked in the dunk tank, around the world darts, duck pond, bean bag toss, tin can bowling, bouncy houses and giant board games,” said Fagan.

Multiple raffles were also a part of the event.

“We’re trying to get some teachers pied on Monday,” said Fagan.

Families said they were happy to come out to support the school.

“I’m supporting my son who goes to school here for a fundraiser,” said local parent Justin Palmer.

Adam Rech’s son is a first grader at the school. “He’s been looking forward to it all week,” he said. “So we’re here supporting this school.”

Funds go to make improvements around the school.

“Typically what we’ve been doing with them is updating things around the campus, so last year our fundraiser purchased a huge portion of the playground,” said Fagan.

This year the school is looking at a few different options, including portables to expand classroom space, additional playground equipment that would be better suited for pre-school students and more parking spaces for parents.


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