Nathan Walsh of Georgetown Brewing in Seattle, right, pours a drink for Carl Grover at the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce's second annual Brew & Cider Fest on Sept. 8.

Twelve local breweries came down to the Marysville Opera House on Sept. 8 for the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce's second annual Brew & Cider Fest.

Jesica Stickles, President/CEO of the chamber, said that the turnout was good for the second year.

"So far we have about four times the attendance we had last year, although I haven't checked the numbers recently so there could be more," she said.

Bringing people into the downtown Marysville area is one of the reasons the chamber wanted to host the Brew & Cider Fest.

"It's a great tourism draw to the area," said Stickles.

Attendees liked that the event wasn't too crowded and that there was a number of different beers available.

"I think it's good so far. It's very small, which I like," said Sara Grover.

"It's pretty cool, I like it. I like all the different types of beers that they have," said Adrian Heredia.

Stickles said that the brought in a variety of breweries to the event.

"We worked hard to get some big name breweries as well as local breweries," she said. "A couple of them we worked with on other events, so we're building relationships with these breweries."

Events like the chamber's Brew & Cider Fest have grown in neighboring areas over the last few years and Stickles said the chamber hoped to bring something like that to Marysville.

"Brew fests and cider fests are huge right now, so we're just making it so that we have something here as well that is hot in Seattle, hot in Everett," said Stickles.

"I just think brew and cider fests are really popular right now," she said.

This year's event also featured two live bands at the Marysville Opera House.

"They're both very similar in style, very classic rock, but they both have their own following so people can come in and see the band they love," said Stickles.

The Brew & Cider Fest also serves as a fundraiser for the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce.

"We're a nonprofit so it's a good way to raise some money," said Stickles.

Profits go to the chamber's general fund. "That helps support all the programs we offer for small businesses," said Stickles, which includes luncheons, small business trainings and "anything we're able to offer to the chamber members."

Stickles said the chamber plans to bring back the event next year.

"However we're going to change it up a little, because the fall is so jam packed with them," she said.

Because there is so much competition it can be difficult to get breweries to come to Marysville.

"Even though they're all over the state, the vendors are having a hard time doing one in Spokane, one in Seattle and then also here," said Stickles.

Instead of the fall, they hope to run the next Brew & Cider Fest in the spring and are considering exactly when that might take place.

More information about the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce is available at

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